The natural beauty of the North Lake Tahoe landscape is reflected in the construction and the décor of one of our most popular properties, Eagle’s Nest Lodge. Nestled against a rocky and tree-lined hill and built of wood and glass, this 4-bedroom, 3-bath stunner is designed to be an integral part of your vacation experience, offering sprawling views of the countryside and luxurious comforts that will make you wish you never had to leave. Sleeping 10 guests comfortably, it is the perfect escape for larger families and for friends traveling together to relive old times while making new memories. If you are not yet convinced that this is the Lake Tahoe rental property for you, this guide to all its charms may just provide that last gentle nudge that you require!

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Reflections of Nature at This Lake Tahoe Rental Property

As the door swings open to reveal the treasures contained in our Eagle’s Nest Lodge property, the gasps of awe that escape you and your traveling companions will not be contained. Follow wood floors polished to a warm glow and begin the tour of your home away from home, starting with the public areas that never fail to entrance its occupants. Vaulted ceilings lined with wood planks draw your eyes up, up, up to the beamed rafters and glass windows that line the back wall of the home, revealing those incredible views.

The kitchen draws your eyes back down, offering a warmth you might expect from any of our Tahoe Signature Properties home, but also a little surprise in the dark wood cabinets that line its back wall. Glass fronts and open shelving keep the space surprisingly bright and the cool granite countertops seem to invite you over to run your hands along its surface, discovering that yes, it is as silky smooth as it appears. Stainless steel appliances are upgrades that will make the chef in your family itch to begin cooking, and the large center island offers a gas stove top facing the dining and living areas so the home chef doesn’t have to feel left out. Four leather bar stools invite guests to join in the fun. The dining area off to the side of the kitchen features a chunky natural wood table, sanded to smooth perfection and stained to match the leather chairs that surround it; a window provides light, air, and more of the views we are so proud of! A colorful native totem pole stands in the corner, approvingly watching over the proceedings as you play games, laugh at bad dad jokes, and enjoy family feasts.

In the living area, located directly in front of the kitchen space, multiple sets of sliding glass doors lead out to the wrap-around deck we will discuss later, giving the room more of the natural light you crave, and a center fireplace, above which hangs a state-of-the-art television, offers a merry warmth on the coldest nights of your winter vacation. If you are visiting in the summer, the cooler nights in our favorite mountains are cool enough that starting a fire won’t seem out of place! A leather sectional, plush and soft, takes center stage in front of the fireplace and the television, while an overstuffed chair sits off to the side, nearer the sliding glass doors where the light is best for reading. Soft blankets of faux fur and chenille are casually thrown along the backs of the furnishings in here, adding extra warmth and comfort on winter nights.

When night falls and dreamland awaits, retreating to bedrooms that are warm, comfortable, and designed to make sleep come easy may be the best part of your day. Slide between silky soft sheets, rest your tired head on fluffy pillows, and drop instantly into oblivion; a great night’s sleep is just another simple luxury our Eagle’s Nest property offers! Bathrooms with modern fixtures, walk-in showers, and deep soaking tubs are more luxuries we offer and bring us to the end of the tour of the interior of this most welcoming of properties. The tour of the outside, however, is about to begin!

Wrapped Around the House Like a Loving Embrace

The deck we mentioned earlier wraps around the Eagle’s Nest, offering places to dine after barbecuing on the large grill, places to sit, relax, and maybe even take a nap, and more spots from which you can sit and watch the sun setting over the horizon. A private section located off one of the bedrooms features a cushioned topped faux wicker sectional and a wood chaise positioned to get the best rays from the sun, while the wooden picnic table is blocked from the sun with a cheery red umbrella. Perched above the trees, the views from all corners of the deck are awe-inspiring, and although you may want to sit out here forever, there is one last surprise we have in store for you. Under the deck lies a hot tub, bubbling happily away, just waiting for you and your companions to make use of its restorative waters! This home also offers use of the community amenities that include a community pool, hot tub, and sauna, but this private amenity will be your favorite!

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