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Truckee is an outdoorsman’s paradise, and it’s definitely one of the biggest appeals of visiting the area. Even as the town continues to grow and attract a larger number of tourists, much of the scenery is relatively unchanged by human action, so it’s one of the few places that will allow you to really enjoy untouched vistas without having to stray too far from civilization.

Come See the Slopes During Your Visit to Truckee California

Winter is definitely one of the biggest times to come, and you’ll definitely see why if you visit Truckee California during the colder months. When the snow starts falling, the town and surrounding area turn into a gorgeous winter wonderland so beautiful you won’t even mind the cold. Snowcapped trees and frozen lakes line the best hiking trails in the area, and the quiet Winter days are peaceful like no other.

Don’t forget to head over to the resorts if you’re a fan of skiing or snowboarding, because this is a prime location for getting the most out of the snow season while it lasts. You could easily make a trip out of driving around to see the different resorts and challenging your skills on the mountains. If you’re on your way here for a weekend trip, you’ll be happy to hear we offer amazing weekend rentals that come with great amenities for your short stay!

Summer Lakes

Many of our local trails also give you easy access to streams and lakes, some of which are even safe to swim in. The summer heat means that the water won’t ever be too cold for you to enjoy, and you won’t have to worry about any of the trails getting shut off by a blizzard. Even some of the areas that aren’t suitable for swimming make for a great place to bring your kayak along to paddle along with one of the rivers and take in the scenic vistas. This will definitely be one of your favorite attractions during your visit to Truckee and Tahoe! Make sure to check out our 4th of July rentals in Truckee if you’re coming this way to celebrate Independence Day!

Downtown Truckee

Ever-expanding and full of great restaurants and shopping, downtown Truckee makes for a great destination to grab a meal or enjoy a couple of drinks at one of the local bars. As wonderful as the surrounding mountains are, you’ll be able to make a day out of exploring the area and taking it easy. The nightlife here can be great, too, and if you’re planning on staying out late to hit the town, you’re bound to have a great time.

Take in the History

Truckee is a former pioneer town with plenty of interesting history to check out, especially anything that of the Donner Party Incident way back when. There are plenty of museums and monuments that tell the story of the town, and it can really help you get immersed in the culture.

Your Perfect Vacation Is Around the Corner

Our team of agents will make sure to help you find the best property to see all of the sights that strike your fancy during your visit to Truckee or Tahoe. You’ll find secluded homes and rentals located right next to scenic downtown, so take your pick and come see the town. Contact us now! Be sure to check out some of the best journeys in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe.