As the skies turn a softer shade of blue and the buds of spring flowers start pushing their way through the soil, our thoughts turn to eggs, bunnies, and the knowledge of sacrifices made for us a couple of millenniums ago. Easter is coming, and although it’s not typically considered a traveling holiday, this new decade in the new millennium has us thinking in new ways—specifically, an Easter in North Lake Tahoe just may be running through your mind! Held on April 12th, this month is the start of our favorite time of the year, and when you begin to explore the area in the spring, especially when you choose one of our Tahoe Signature Properties holiday hideaways for your vacation accommodations, you’ll understand why!


Music to Bring You Peace


Not every minute of your Easter escape has to be filled with holiday happenings. Sometimes just doing something you love, such as listening to your favorite music under blue skies, can bring you a peace of mind that prepares you for frantic moments ahead. The Alpine Spring Music Series, held on Saturdays starting March 7 from 2-5 PM, offers just the fun you’ve been seeking! Every Saturday is a different performer (April 11 has yet to be announced), and if the weather turns unfriendly, the performance will be moved to inside the Alpine Meadows Lodge!


The Hunt for Easter Eggs


After the chocolate bunnies, the search for Easter eggs is one of the most important parts of the holiday for the children in our families, and just because you aren’t at home, it doesn’t mean your children have to miss out! Tahoe City Golf Course, 251 North Lake Boulevard, is our favorite family friendly event, offering a Spring Extravaganza on Saturday April 11. Instead of eggs, the hunt for golf balls will bring giggles, and the chance to meet the Easter Bunny will make this holiday one they will never forget! Starting at 9:45 AM and lasting until 2:00 PM, music, food, and fun are on the itinerary as well, ensuring that every member of your family will get to enjoy!


Adults traveling with children may enjoy the adults-only Easter Brunch and Easter Egg Hunts at Gar Woods Grill & Pier! Located at 5000 North Lake Boulevard in Carnelian Bay, their Easter on the Lake has become a Tahoe tradition and reservations should be made in advance! The Brunch starts at 9:30 AM, with an unlimited Champagne Brunch being offered for $84.90 per person (standard brunch is $20 less and children 10 and under can participate for $34.90.) The egg hunt begins at 11 AM and is divided into three age groups, but after the children have had their fun and are eagerly checking out their haul, the adults get their turn with an egg hunt on the beach; cocktails are the main ingredient, of course!


As the Sun Rises Over North Lake Tahoe


For many celebrants, the quiet beauty and deep meaning of the sunrise service on Easter Sunday keeps them from traveling, but the many churches in our region will give you wings during Easter. Offering words of wisdom and worship, the priests, pastors, and preachers welcome you to their churches, as do their flocks, and although we won’t give specific recommendations—your choice of church is a personal one—we can promise you will find what you seek when you spend your Easter in North Lake Tahoe.


Easter Feasts


And then there’s the eagerly awaited Easter meal featuring everything from deviled eggs to ham, potatoes, and whatever other dishes that typically grace your dining table. Our Tahoe Signature Properties Easter escapes come with fully equipped kitchens, allowing you to spend some time preparing your family’s favorites, but if you’re not in the mood for chores, many of our local restaurants will offer an Easter brunch. The aforementioned Gar Woods Pier & Grill offers a feast that includes all you can drink champagne (who doesn’t love a mimosa on Easter?). We then move on to the Lodge Restaurant at Tahoe Donner, Manzanita in Northstar, and Granlibakken Tahoe in Tahoe City; the details haven’t been released yet, but all have offered exquisite Easter brunches in the past, and we can’t wait to see what delicacies we can sample on the first Easter of the new decade!


Holiday Happenings in Your Vacation Home Away from Home


The best part of your holiday away from home will be your stay with us. Allowing you to continue all your holiday traditions in the shadow of the mountains, our holiday homes will make your Easter 2020 an unforgettable event! Hide eggs in the tree studded landscape just off the deck, enjoy an Easter brunch at the dining table that is large enough to seat your entire family comfortably, and sleep deeply as your children dream about the Easter Bunny in bedrooms that are tranquil and peaceful. Reserve your Easter getaway today!

Whether you have been Irish your entire life or you are generally only Irish for one day of the year, we have to assume that your favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, and now that the big three holidays have passed, you’re anxiously awaiting your special day. Your green shirts, hats, and maybe socks are hanging in your closet waiting to be worn, your own personal kegerator may or may not be filled with your favorite brew, also in green, and a shamrock is marking the date on the calendar—and yet, it’s still not enough. 2020 is the start of a new decade and you need to do something special to mark the occasion; a visit to North Lake Tahoe for St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect way to do so! These activities and events will help you make sure your day of leprechauns and green beer is the best one you’ve ever celebrated!

North Lake Tahoe St. Patrick’s Day Party, March 17

[email protected] in Olympic Valley is where the party starts on St. Patrick’s Day and everyone who is anyone is guaranteed to be there! Offering drink specials that include green beer, Guinness, and Jameson Whiskey, this is the spot you want to go for a party you won’t ever remember! Just be sure to appoint a designated driver or take advantage of rideshare or taxi when it’s time to head back to your Tahoe Signature Properties holiday escape!

The Dubliner Irish Pub and Restaurant

 No one knows how to party like the Irish, so it’s only natural that an Irish pub would do things right! The Dubliner Irish Pub and Restaurant, also in Olympic Valley, feels and looks like one you would find in the old country and serves the traditional pub food those with green blood running their veins can’t get enough of! Offering cead mile failte (a hundred thousand welcomes), a sea of green beer, and live music you won’t be able to help dancing to, this sweet pub is a North Lake Tahoe St. Patrick’s Day hot spot!

Alibi Ale Works – Truckee Public House

Although this public house is only Irish for the day, their house-brewed beers are what we crave every day of the week, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception! Offering swing lessons on this holiday, it may be a little more lowkey than the Dubliner or [email protected], but the sense of fun and community makes Alibi Ale Works the place you’ll want to visit time and time again!

As Last Call is Announced

There won’t be any lingering sadness that the party is over because you know you’ll be heading home to the comfort and style of our holiday hideaways. Reserve yours today!

Every season is the best season to visit our lakeside town, but some seasons offer a little more of that something special you seek from your vacation destination! In North Lake Tahoe, it’s the fall and winter seasons that sparkle a little brighter, between the colorful leaves on the trees in the fall and the blanket of snow that covers the ground during the cold season. If your visit to North Lake Tahoe is going to occur during either of these seasons, this guide to upcoming seasonal events in Lake Tahoe will ensure that you hit all the high notes and walk away from this getaway knowing it couldn’t have gone better!

Holly ARTS, November 12 through December 7380 N Lake Tahoe Boulevard

Our favorite part of any vacation is shopping for souvenirs and keepsakes, but we grow even fonder over the holidays. Christmas gifts for your loved ones will be even more appreciated when you bring them love from the Holly ARTS show; this exhibit offers gift-oriented masterpieces created by local artisans and should most definitely be added to your Black Friday shopping list! And because the exhibit will be open on Thanksgiving, you can start your shopping earlier than planned!

Tahoe Film Fest, December 5-8, 7380 N Lake Tahoe Boulevard

On a cold winter’s day, slipping into a warm theater with a bag of buttered popcorn and losing yourself in the events on the screen is an activity that can’t be appreciated enough, and the Tahoe Film Fest is where you should be during your North Lake Tahoe stay! Offering surprise screenings of mainstream movies, the best of independent movies, and a star-studded selection of movies guaranteed to be Oscar nominated, guests can watch multiple movies every day of their stay.

Tahoe Nutcracker, December 20-22, North Tahoe High School

Watching the Nutcracker live is a time-honored holiday tradition, and if you’re visiting North Lake Tahoe the week of Christmas, be sure to add one of the best events in Lake Tahoe to your vacation itinerary! Performed by the Lake Tahoe Dance Collective, this timeless show never grows old, and this new showing will offer performances by local dancers and professional artists that followers of the ballet will more than likely recognize by name!

Now is the Season for Your North Lake Tahoe Getaway and Events in Lake Tahoe!

Reserve your Tahoe Signature Properties seasonal escape today and discover the beauty and joy of our lakeside town during the fall and winter! If Truckee is your ideal holiday stay, check out our holiday rentals in that area!

It’s no secret that North Lake Tahoe is a much-loved vacation spot throughout all the seasons of the year, but in the winter our beloved lakeside hometown shines the brightest! Offering an icy beauty that is softened by blankets of snow, the sights and sounds of North Lake Tahoe burrow into your heart and never leave; you won’t be able to help but fall in love, especially when you choose Tahoe Signature Properties for your winter escape! This guide to the beauty of our town and the comfort of our homes will ensure that this Lake Tahoe winter getaway will be one you will want to repeat many time over the upcoming years!

Charming and Warm

The bite of a winter’s day is forgotten within seconds of walking into one of our winter escapes. Wood floors, tile floors, even carpeted ones lead the way to rooms filled with charm and warmth. Fully equipped kitchens entice guests to brew a pot of coffee or create something delicious to enjoy by the fireplace in the living room. Roaring fires provide two services: keeping occupants warm and adding a romantic ambience to the charming room in which you are seated. In many of our properties, views of the magnificent Lake Tahoe and the snow-capped mountains create a sight that’s difficult to turn from, and when you find yourself stepping out onto the deck to get a closer look, a warm coat will help keep the chill at bay. At night, warm blankets and soft beds combine to create the best sleeping experience of your life; its ok if you choose to pull the blankets over your head and sleep just 10 more minutes—you’re on vacation and you don’t have to get up anytime soon!

So Much to Do

When you are ready to venture outdoors, there’s plenty of activities to fill the minutes of your winter getaway, from hikes around the lake (be sure to dress weather appropriately!) to sledding down Granlibakken Ski and Sled Hill in Tahoe City to enjoying a hearty soup and sandwich meal at Spoon, also in Tahoe City. Whether enjoying après ski at the West Shore Café, drinks and pub grub in Fat Cat’s Bar & Grill, or a visit to the Watson Cabin Museum, your visit will be a memorable one!

Reserve Your Lake Tahoe Winter Getaway Today

The best times of your life will happen right here in North Lake Tahoe when you choose Tahoe Signature Properties for your winter escape. What are you waiting for? Plan your Lake Tahoe winter getaway today and reserve your stay!

We hate to remind you, but if you haven’t looked at the calendar lately, you may be surprised to learn that it’s time to start making your holiday plans again! We know Thanksgiving can be hectic, and we have a great idea just for you: We think this is the year that you and your immediate family should run away and enjoy a Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving for the long weekend! Offering breathtaking landscapes, tranquil moments, and delicious meals, this Thanksgiving will be the most memorable one in recent history and promises to tighten the bonds between you and your family!

Quiet Moments

Even if you haven’t rented one of our lakefront properties, you’ll still find the views outside your Tahoe Signature Properties Thanksgiving escape breathtaking and worth spending time enjoying! Sitting on the porch with a steaming hot cup of coffee (mornings can get a tad chilly) will have your family drifting towards your happy spot in search of conversation. These quiet moments will keep you feeling thankful throughout your stay!

Bountiful Feasts

The one thing we are always thankful for is that delicious Thanksgiving feast, and when you stay with us in North Lake Tahoe, your options for the feast are plentiful! Release your inner Julia Child and create a made from scratch meal that would put any chef to shame; our kitchens are fully equipped, and the cheerful spaces put the fun back in any evening meal! If cooking isn’t your thing, you can order a fully cooked dinner from the local Safeway and save yourself a lot of work! For those who prefer to be served, many North Lake Tahoe restaurants will be open on the holiday, offering special meals and Thanksgiving buffets. Lone Eagle Grille is one of our favorites, and even though the Thanksgiving menu can be a little costly, the choices are plentiful, hearty, and delicious, making it worth spending a little more!

Make the Most of Your Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving Getaway

The list of things to do during your Thanksgiving getaway is an almost endless one that includes shopping for bargains on Black Friday, watching as the town puts on its Christmas finest, or simply gathering around the fireplace with the family on your warm and welcoming Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving escape. Reserve your Tahoe vacation home today and prepare for the perfect holiday adventure!

As the days fly by, it doesn’t take the turn of a calendar page to tell us that summer’s end has almost arrived. In Lake Tahoe, as the days begin to shorten and the cooler night temperatures last longer, the promise of fall can be felt by all who live or visit here. As much as the arrival of fall brings sweet relief, the end of summer often makes us sad. Did we eat enough ice cream? Sleep in late as often as we wanted? Did we have at least one day where we never got out of our pajamas? Summer is about good times and lack of responsibilities, and although it’s rapidly drawing to an end, there is still one last hurrah to be had. Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner, and if you’re thinking of spending your Labor Day in North Lake Tahoe, you’ve made the right decision!

Labor Day Sales

No matter where you are, Labor Day sales are a thing to celebrate, and just because you may be far from home doesn’t mean you can’t partake in their greatness! The Tahoe City Labor Day Sidewalk Sale proves that the sport of bargain hunting should not be taken lightly; grab your sneakers, a bottle of water, and the credit card that has never let you down and head to town! This sale takes place from August 30 to September 2, so if you miss out on some of the vendors on the first day, there’s plenty of time to return over the next two days!

Picnic by the Lake

North Tahoe Beach is the place to be during the summer, and Labor Day is no different. Offering picnic tables for visitors who don’t like the extra grit of sand in their sandwiches or plenty of beach spots for the purists that understand a picnic is not a picnic unless held on a blanket in the sand or grass! Enjoying amazing views with every bite is just one of the many perks to a picnic at North Tahoe Beach—discover all the others on your own!

Backyard Barbecues

The backyard barbecue is a uniquely American experience, and many of our Tahoe Signature Properties Labor Day escapes come with working grills. Choose your meats, pick your favorite beverages, and prepare for a day of leisure and comfort! Reserve your stay during Labor Day in North Lake Tahoe with us today!

For every tear you’ve cried, there’s one person who has cried many more for you. For every school election you’ve won or every job you haven’t received, that same person has stood by you, cheering for the good, crying for the sad, and protecting you from the bad. Your mother is a hero who offers unconditional love and unwavering support; isn’t it time to show her how much she means to you? Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away, and if you really want to wow her, a plan a getaway for Mother’s Day in Lake Tahoe! Our guide will ensure that you don’t miss a step.

Breakfast in Bed

For all the meals she has prepared over the years, Mother’s Day is the one day of the year where the tables are turned, and our Tahoe vacation rentals have gourmet kitchens that make meal prep easy and fun! Let mom sleep in as you prepare her favorite breakfast dish and serve it to her on a tray. Don’t forget to pick up a flower or two from the floral department at our local Safeway while you are gathering the food ingredients needed for this special meal.

Take Her Breath Away for Mother’s Day in Lake Tahoe

The landscape of Tahoe is breathtakingly beautiful, and a hike to along the Tunnel Creek Trail leads to the perfect spot for a picture your mom will treasure forever. Monkey Rock is exactly what it sounds like—a rock shaped like the head of a monkey. Strike a pose with your biggest supporter, being sure to get the landscape in the background; give her a kiss on the cheek at the last second and frame your appreciation for her forever!

Lake Tahoe Spa Recovery Time

Time to work out the kinks after the 4.7-mile hike you just took. There is no better way to do so than with a hot stone massage offered by Lighthouse Spa at 850 N Lake Boulevard #20A in Tahoe City! Also offering a variety of Lake Tahoe spa services that include body treatments, skin care, and facials, your mom will walk away from this experience glowing, recharged, and renewed. Create Mother’s Day in Lake Tahoe a special spa day for your mom and you.

Dinner Fit for a Queen

It’s been a long day, but no Mother’s Day celebration would be complete without a fancy dinner, and Soule Domaine at 9983 Cove Street in Kings Beach is such a favorite with our own moms, we’re absolutely positive your mom will fall in love with it as well! Located inside a charming log cabin that complements its natural setting, the menu offers a delicious mix of locally-sourced meats, veggies, and seafood whenever possible, all exquisitely prepared. A nice bottle of wine and their Queen of Sheba chocolate torte is the perfect finish to another perfect day in paradise. This restaurant has some of the best food and drinks that are specifically made for making Mother’s Day in Lake Tahoe a special time.

Your Mom Deserves the Best

And our Tahoe vacation homes are famous for offering just that! Reserve yours today with Tahoe Signature Properties for a getaway you will never forget.