A man holding a golf ball, a popular thing to do in north lake tahoe

Ask a guy about his ultimate vacation and he’ll tell you something along the lines of outdoor adventures, great food, live music, and the finest bars, preferably serving local craft beer. North Lake Tahoe is famously full of these pleasures. Summer, winter, or just about any season you arrive here, the adventure doesn’t end. So if you’re looking for a wild vacation, something that you’ll be bragging about at the bar while everyone else thinks you’re making it all up, try some of these things to do in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee. And don’t forget to take pictures to prove it really happened!

Whitewater Rafting

As we all know, nothing gets blood racing in your veins like taking risks and speed; whitewater rafting brings you both in one unique experience. Buckle up for one adventure that you won’t forget as you maneuver your way between the rapids using your skills and quick reactions to avoid the snags and rocks and keep yourself upright. Occasionally you’ll fall into the water or get stuck, but that’s part of the fun. Challenge the river and come out on top—making this one of the most exciting Things To Do in North Lake Tahoe.

Go Golfing on Your Lake Tahoe Getaway

Tahoe has some of the Best Golf Courses in the whole of California. The immaculately groomed courses, combined with the panoramic scenery of the lake and the mountains, will bring your game to the next level. Spend the day out with your buddies on the green. Many golf courses open their doors for you and ask you to test your skills. Between the various obstacles, your game will improve, and you’ll make great memories as well.

Try Truckee Brew Fest

Nothing gets a guy’s attention like being invited to a brew fest. Flowing beer and wine can only mean one thing: good times galore. And this festival has it all: craft beer, specialty brews, and select ciders from breweries both local and from across the region. And this won’t be a festival without life music of course. The festival usually has a fee which covers all the tasting until 5 pm. Other rules include a minimum age of 21, so you’ll need to bring an ID and no dogs are allowed.

Hike the Tahoe East Shore Trail

If you and your crew of best guy friends are the types of travelers that crave outdoor adventure and time together on the trails, you can plan on trekking your way to an exciting time together when you set your sights on the Tahoe East Shore Trail. This inviting route is a great way to get in some cardio during your friend-centric adventure while also making time to savor the incredible scenery. The trail winds through lush foliage and forest while enjoying moderately challenging inclines but ultimately, it’s the reward of stunning lake views from the top of the route that proves to be the best part of this experience. The trail is well-maintained year-round meaning visitors can enjoy a hike no matter when their trip brings them this way. Expect to pay a small parking fee if you put your vehicle near the trailhead, and make the most of an early-morning hike if you prefer a less-crowded experience.

Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks

If you’re the type of traveling crew that prefers options to take your adventure to new and thrilling heights, then adding Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks to your guys’ getaway lineup is a must. This innovative and fun-filled stop is a great way to access your inner child and make the most of sky-high adventures! Savor every moment of the elevated experiences and options that await. While this complex is made up of many different aerial parks to enjoy, each one is well worth discovering and challenging your skills on elevated bridges and ziplines. Tower pines and red cedar trees dominate the landscape at Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park, making a stop here as scenic as it is exciting! 10 courses can be enjoyed with a single stop and beginner to advances courses are easy to choose between. Guests to the parks will enjoy access to 97 different tree platforms as well as 27 ziplines which range from 30 feet to more than 200 feet in length! A collection of 60 bridges and activities on-site make Tahoe Treetop Adventures Park a one stop shop for fun.

Bike the Truckee River

The Truckee River is a scenic natural landmark and renting bikes with your buddies and exploring it at your own pace promises to be a great way to pass time in this area. There are many rental shops that provide gear by the hour or day depending how long you want to dedicate to riverside exploration.

Your great adventure awaits you at North Lake Tahoe. For more information about the best guys’ Lake Tahoe getaways, what to do, and where to stay, get in touch with us today.