Chances are you have spent a lot of time indoors over the last few months, staring at the same four walls, desperately seeking something new to watch on television, and wondering if the pandemic restrictions will lift soon so you can enjoy your upcoming birthday! But now that the borders are opening on travel once more, as eager as you have been to get out of the house, you may find yourself reluctant to head towards the crowds, even on vacation! You’ve grown accustomed to social distancing, you’ve come to love the extra family time, and quite frankly, the virus is still slightly unstable, and although you are all set for your getaway to North Lake Tahoe and your stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes, you may still want to separate yourself from the masses. We understand completely and have compiled this guide to isolated activities you can enjoy during your Lake Tahoe vacation!

Take a Deep Breath

Lake Tahoe is the cleanest and clearest lake in America and the sight of the mountains reflecting in its rippling waters is one sight you won’t ever want to forget; the only thing better than the sight of the natural landscape is the clean crispness of the air. So go ahead and stand on the shores of the lake, take a deep breath, and feel the sense of peace and calm fall over your shoulders like a pashmina shawl on a winter’s night. Take a hike on the many trails that traverse the area, feeling as if the world belongs to you and your family. Listen to the sounds of the water slapping against the shore, the birds singing merrily as they nest in the trees and savor all the sounds of nature. The secluded paths will speak to your soul when the world is far too crowded elsewhere.

Tranquil Waters

On warmer days, heading to the mountains will offer quiet moments of splendor, while renting a boat from Premier Boat Rentals, 7010 N Lake Boulevard, and heading toward the center of the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe promises to bring an isolated experience you will never want to end! Find a secluded cove and drop a line into the waters, pulling in a treasure trove of trout in a rainbow of colors, including rainbow trout, bass, and the most delicious salmon you have ever tasted. As you sit quietly in the boat, feeling it gently rock on the surface, whether you are pulling in the motherlode of fish or aren’t getting a single bite, you’ll know that this is certainly your new happy place!

Secret Beaches

As popular as Lake Tahoe is, there are still quiet a few hidden beaches that will make you feel as if you are in your own private blue lagoon. Offering white sand beaches and turquoise waters, they stay hidden for the most part due to the strenuous hikes required to get there. Here is where you can soak in the rays as you lay on colorful beach towels, read a summer blockbuster while bobbing your head to the tunes only you can hear through your ear buds, or swim in the crystal clear waters. Be warned though, the water does not get much above 70 degrees, even during the hottest days of summer, so swimming is definitely a sport designed for those with thicker blood! Offering names such as Secret Cove, Skunk Harbor, and Chimney Beach, the magical moments spent exploring these secluded beaches will be ones you will look back on fondly for years to come. Pack a picnic and spend the day focusing on the love of your life; she will fall in love with you all over again!

Playing Hooky from Explorations

Unlike your early adventures in skipping school, playing hooky from your responsibilities during your stay in North Lake Tahoe will not get you in trouble! Rise with the sun and soak in the views from the patio of your beach front escape, then head back to bead for a couple more hours of sleep. Scramble eggs in the fully equipped kitchen, blend together champagne and orange juice for a delicious mimosa treat and take the time to listen to the answers your children give to your questions. Fish off the dock in a beachside property or soak in the views in a mountain top hideaway; these moments in your vacation home away from home are meant to be enjoyed in anyway you choose! Reserve your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape today!

Most of us have spent a lot of time at home lately, and now that the restrictions are lifting and borders are re-opening, we are all ready to just get out and go! From road trips to neighboring towns to cross-country adventures designed to cure our itchy feet, we are ready to move, and when your personal road map leads you to the breathtaking views found in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend your entire getaway cooped up inside four walls once again! This guide to some of our favorite outdoor activities will ensure that your California adventure is filled with excitement and fun, and when it’s time to come back inside at the end of every day, choosing Tahoe Signature Properties for your vacation accommodations will ensure that every night is filled with comfortable luxuries and quiet moments of something special!

Ride the Rapids in Truckee

One of our favorite adventures is a white-water rafting trip up the Truckee River with the help of the Truckee River Raft Company. Offering raft rentals for a self-guided tour of the river, your summer vacation would somehow be lacking if you didn’t set aside a few hours for a river excursion! Lazily rafting along while enjoying snacks and beverages you packed in a cooler and brought along offers a thrill you will never forget, and although there aren’t many rapids on this trip, the daredevil in you will still have bragging rights as you tell all your friends about “that time in Lake Tahoe when you rode the rapids!”


For many travelers, a vacation isn’t considered successful until they’ve spent some time on the greens, chasing that tiny dimpled ball around the course! If your idea of a great time is cursing at your slices, getting a sunburn on your nose, and FINALLY figuring out exactly what you were doing wrong with your swing, perhaps a visit to the Tahoe City Golf Course is in order. Located at 251 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City, this beloved course has been a favorite of North Lake Tahoe residents and visitors since opening day all the way back in 1918. In the 50s, it was a where many of the big money tournaments were held!

Take a Cruise

As beautiful as the views of Lake Tahoe from the shore are, the views are even more breathtaking when seen from the deck of a paddleboat floating on the water! The Tahoe Gal, based out of Tahoe City, offers daily cruises of the lake and the occasional special event. Your time spent on her decks promises to be among some of the most memorable moments of your visit! Take a Happy Hour Cruise that offers discounted adult beverages or a sunset dinner cruise and enjoy some of the very best wines in California with your meal! The Shoreline Brunch Cruise aboard the Tahoe Gal offers a special treat that doesn’t involve food or drink; it’s the opportunity to cruise on past some of the most impressive mansions in the state, including the one used when filming the Godfather II.

Explore Historic Downtown Truckee

The small towns of America are the heartbeat of our country, offering charm, warmth, and friendship to travelers from all over the world, and the historic downtown area of Truckee has been popular with visitors for years. Take a History Walking tour, with a guide or without, and discover the importance our small town has in the history of the country. Guests can learn about its humble beginnings and the Paiute Indian chief who helped emigrants find their way. Discover the details of the tragic Donner Party and explore the remains of the first lumber mill in the area. Visit the site where the Olympics were held in Squaw Valley in 1960 and see where Hollywood expanded to for a brief time in the 30s. Life in this small town may be slow and quiet today, but it wasn’t always that way; Truckee was once an important hot spot in our nation!

No Need to Venture Far for Fun Outdoor Activities

On those days when you are feeling a little tired and don’t want to venture far from your vacation home away from home, don’t worry; there are still plenty of ways to have fun outdoors without leaving the boundaries of your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape! Revel in the quiet beauty of the sun setting over Lake Tahoe from the deck, sipping on your favorite beverage as you chat with family members and wait for the “big event.” Choose a lake view property and spend happy hours frolicking in the water or simply sunning yourself from the beach. Living on a lake is as close to paradise as we can imagine! But remember, no matter how you spend your days, spending every night in the comfort of our properties promises to be the best part of your Tahoe getaway—reserve yours today!

This year has certainly been an interesting one so far, and if you are like us, one of the only things that kept you from climbing the walls was planning out the details of your summer getaway! You’ve conducted virtual tours on the internet, made lists with the pros and cons of each destination, and probably have even gone as far as to research plane ticket costs for your top destination choices! And, unlike us (because we already live here!), you’ve decided that North Lake Tahoe is the only place you want to see during the upcoming season, and our Tahoe Signature Properties summer escapes are the only places you want to stay! We’d like to congratulate you on your awesome taste and offer this guide to all the fun Lake Tahoe summer activities available to you in the Tahoe region!

Take a Hike

No, we are not being rude, we are simply telling you that one of the favored summer activities in North Lake Tahoe is hiking along the many trails! After being cooped up for 6 or 8 weeks this spring, chances are you want to get out from under a roof as much as possible. The Pacific Crest Trail is the world’s longest hiking trail, stretching out over 2600 miles and visiting three different countries and three different states! North Lake Tahoe’s section stretches about 15 miles and goes from Donner Pass to Squaw Valley, making it the perfect summer activity for hikers of all skill levels!

Or Fly Through the Sky

Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park may not be the only way to get a great view of the valley, but it’s definitely the most fun, offering aerial adventures that include 27 zip lines, 60 bridges, and 10 different obstacle courses! Located at 725 Granlibakken Road in Tahoe City, climbing trees has never been this exciting, and as long as your children are over 5 years of age and can follow simple directions, they (and you!) will be able to have the time of their lives! Safety gear is included, so moms, you can relax a little, and the courses are available in different skill levels; your beginning adventurers will not get in over their heads!

Play All Day

The lake provides the best entertainment in town, and on a warm summer’s day, you’ll enjoy the coolness Lake Tahoe offers. Rent a boat from Premier Boat Rental, 7010 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe Vista, and spend some hours waterskiing, tubing, or just zipping across the waters feeling the sun beat down on your shoulders as you explore all that Lake Tahoe has to offer. Fishing is a popular lake activity as well, one that can be done from the water or from the shore, and if you don’t have your own equipment, most sporting equipment stores across the region will over rentals, ensuring you have everything you need to catch more than your share of rainbow trout!

Check Out the Nightlife

Next to shopping and playing, exploring the nightlife of our vacation destinations is one of our most favorite summer activities, and North Lake Tahoe offers its share of fun ways to spend the darker hours of your getaway! Fat Cat Bar & Grill in Tahoe City is proud of its locally sourced meals, live music, and its refreshing beverage menu, while Jason’s Beachside Grille in Kings Beach features all of the same plus amazing views of the lake! For those who prefer old school and personable to modern and sterile, Pete n’ Peter’s pub in Tahoe City will be their new favorite drinking hole. Spend a night with your new Tahoe friends playing pool, darts, or shuffleboard as you sip your favorite beverage from the bar!

Stay Home and Play

Of course, not all adventures have to take place away from your Tahoe Signature Properties summer escape. Some of your most memorable memories will revolve around all the fun you had “at home!” Stay up late and sleep in till the sun is high in the sky, grill up your catch from your day at the lake on the big wood deck that surrounds many of our properties, or plan a movie night in front of a roaring fire as the warmth of the day fades away into a pleasantly chilly night! For those who rent a home on the beaches of Lake Tahoe, plan on spending at least a few minutes of the evening enjoying Mother Nature’s most spectacular show: the sight of the sun setting behind the mountains that surround our lakeside paradise! However you spend your summer days, we can promise your summer nights will be one you won’t ever forget when you choose Tahoe Signature Properties for your Lake Tahoe getaway! Reserve yours today!

It’s no secret that North Lake Tahoe is a much-loved vacation spot throughout all the seasons of the year, but in the winter our beloved lakeside hometown shines the brightest! Offering an icy beauty that is softened by blankets of snow, the sights and sounds of North Lake Tahoe burrow into your heart and never leave; you won’t be able to help but fall in love, especially when you choose Tahoe Signature Properties for your winter escape! This guide to the beauty of our town and the comfort of our homes will ensure that this Lake Tahoe winter getaway will be one you will want to repeat many time over the upcoming years!

Charming and Warm

The bite of a winter’s day is forgotten within seconds of walking into one of our winter escapes. Wood floors, tile floors, even carpeted ones lead the way to rooms filled with charm and warmth. Fully equipped kitchens entice guests to brew a pot of coffee or create something delicious to enjoy by the fireplace in the living room. Roaring fires provide two services: keeping occupants warm and adding a romantic ambience to the charming room in which you are seated. In many of our properties, views of the magnificent Lake Tahoe and the snow-capped mountains create a sight that’s difficult to turn from, and when you find yourself stepping out onto the deck to get a closer look, a warm coat will help keep the chill at bay. At night, warm blankets and soft beds combine to create the best sleeping experience of your life; its ok if you choose to pull the blankets over your head and sleep just 10 more minutes—you’re on vacation and you don’t have to get up anytime soon!

So Much to Do

When you are ready to venture outdoors, there’s plenty of activities to fill the minutes of your winter getaway, from hikes around the lake (be sure to dress weather appropriately!) to sledding down Granlibakken Ski and Sled Hill in Tahoe City to enjoying a hearty soup and sandwich meal at Spoon, also in Tahoe City. Whether enjoying après ski at the West Shore Café, drinks and pub grub in Fat Cat’s Bar & Grill, or a visit to the Watson Cabin Museum, your visit will be a memorable one!

Reserve Your Lake Tahoe Winter Getaway Today

The best times of your life will happen right here in North Lake Tahoe when you choose Tahoe Signature Properties for your winter escape. What are you waiting for? Plan your Lake Tahoe winter getaway today and reserve your stay!

A lakeside getaway is never better enjoyed than at Lake Tahoe. This sprawling freshwater lake stretching between Nevada and California has long been a vacation destination that’s as versatile as it is thrilling. Visitors come this direction with their sights set on a variety of fun activities and excursions. From boating and swimming to hiking, biking, and shopping, Lake Tahoe is a tantalizing mix of opportunities for all. When you can’t wait to explore the north shore of Tahoe but are looking for a knowledgeable guide to lead the way, you don’t have to search far. Here are some of the absolute best Lake Tahoe tours available to visitors that are sure to leave you inspired to see more!

Le Grand Adventure Tours

Make the most of your time in Truckee while satisfying your desire for lakeside thrills when you book a Le Grand Adventure Tour during your stay. If your travels bring you to North Tahoe in the sizzling summer months, Le Grande Adventure Tours offers guests options for guided biking, hiking, surfing and yoga tours upon request. During the chilly winter months, expert guides will help you maximize time on fresh powder with tours that cater to snowboarding, skiing and more! Enjoy experiencing the road-less-traveled version of North Lake Tahoe while gaining incredible insight into the area’s history with the help of a passionate tour guide that helps you enjoy every moment of your experience.

Tahoe Gal Cruises

Hop onboard a paddlewheel vessel equipped to carry up to 120 passengers when you can’t wait to get out on the water and experience the scenic beauty of North Lake Tahoe. Tahoe Gal Cruises caters to those looking for the best in sightseeing cruises as well as chartered private events and leaves daily from Tahoe City. Enjoy sweeping views of Emerald Bay as you glide along and feel free to make the most of the onboard bar. Guests can customize their sail to a lunch or dinner cruise complete with first-class dining and vistas that are just as delicious.

Alpine Meadows Stables

Taking time to enjoy the trails of North Lake Tahoe doesn’t mean you have to go on foot. Take a less traditional route and enjoy a trail ride tour on horseback with the professionals at Alpine Meadows Stables. This locally owned company has been in business for over 50 years and provides the expert instruction prior to hopping on a horse making it a comfortable and enjoyable experience for riders of all ages and skill levels. Learn the basics before getting out and soaking up some of the most amazing sights around.

Take Time to Enjoy Lake Tahoe

Whether you’re planning on exploring the north shore, southern end or every trail in between, Lake Tahoe is worth the visit. Let the team at Tahoe Signature Properties help you settled into a beautiful, luxurious and comfortable home away from home while you’re here. Contact us today for more information on our vacation rentals and to begin planning!

A North Lake Tahoe trip is the ideal vacation no matter what time of year you choose to visit. While there is a ton to do in this small mountain town, it is the perfect destination for a relaxing weekend vacation.

Summer Fun

If you are visiting during the summer, then be sure to check out the town’s best spots for hiking and swimming.

Eagle Rock is one of the most popular hiking trails in North Lake Tahoe because it is short but offers a fantastic view. There is a parking lot at the start of the trail which brings you to the top of Eagle Rock. Once you reach the top you will be rewarded with stunning views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Another popular hike is the Tunnel Creek Trail because it has some of the best views of the lake. The trail starts at the Tunnel Creek Café and immediately starts to climb. The trail is 4.7 miles long and is also popular among mountain bikers, so be aware of bikes as they sometimes come barreling down the mountain. The trail is uphill the entire way but offers stunning views when you reach the top.

If you want to cool off after a day of hiking, Commons Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the north side of Lake Tahoe. This beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and watching the sunset with plenty of space for kids to run around and have fun. There are picnic shelters with BBQ grills if you want to have a cookout and every Sunday during the summer the beach puts on a free concert series.

Winter Adventures

If you are visiting Lake Tahoe during the winter, North Star is one of the most family-friendly ski resorts in the area with a diversity of runs, including beginner runs and black diamonds. The resort recently went through a $30 million upgrade, so it is a top-of-the-line ski resort and there is plenty of snow even on warm days. One-day adult passes for North Star cost $120.

After a day of skiing, head over to Truckee for some of the area’s best dining. This former railroad town is now an upscale hippie ski town and has some of the most unique cuisine in the Tahoe area. For a beautiful view of the lake, try the Cottonwood Restaurant. Housed in a historic ski lodge, Cottonwood is known for its giant Caesar salad.

Another restaurant to try in the area is Trokay. This restaurant serves French-inspired locally sourced cuisine and is famous for its venison with sunchoke. If you are looking for after dinner nightlife, stop by Moody’s Bistro Bar & Beats. This bar serves cocktails and live music until 1 a.m.

Stay with Tahoe Signature Properties for Your North Lake Tahoe Trip

After a long night of exploring North Lake Tahoe, our luxury vacation rentals are the best place to come back to and relax. Each rental is thoughtfully designed to make your vacation as relaxing as possible and has all the amenities you need to make your vacation perfect. For more information on our vacation rentals, please contact us.