the four seasons

Our Guide to North Lake Tahoe’s Weather and Climate

You’ve decided that the next destination on your list is North Lake Tahoe and while you know that it snows in the winter and is sunny in the summer, you realize, you’re not sure how snowy or how sunny! No worries, we’ve rounded up all the ins and outs of North Lake Tahoe’s weather and climate so no matter when you plan to stay, you know how to pack and what to expect! For more information about summer and winter activities, you can check our website where you can also find tons of helpful North Lake Tahoe information like trip itineraries, family friendly activities and our favorite spots in the region, plus beautiful vacation rentals that are perfect for your next North Lake Tahoe holiday! 


The Climate in North Lake Tahoe

The climate in North Lake Tahoe is characterized by dry, temperate seasons. In winter, chilly temperatures throughout the season ensure that the landscapes are covered with powdery snow and with the highest temperatures hovering around 30°F (-1°C). Summers, on the other hand, are warm, dry, and sunny reaching highs around 80°F (27°C) which makes for incredible lake days and ideal for exploring the forested trails in the region. Both spring and fall are transitional periods with temperatures ranging between 40-70°F (4-21°C). In early spring, you can usually find the region still covered in a blanket of snow with the winter wonderland receding by mid-spring. Early fall can be warm – almost an extension of summer while late fall brings a drop in temperatures, some precipitation that quickly turns to snow, ushering in the winter.


The Weather in North Lake Tahoe

Located in the stunning Sierra Nevada mountain range, North Lake Tahoe offers a unique blend of alpine charm, refined mountain living and incredible conditions for unparalleled, year-round outdoor adventures! With over 300 days of sunshine annually, visitors can bask in the warm sunny days of late spring, summer and early fall and enjoy bluebird skies and snowy days in late fall through to early spring. The incredible sunshine and changing landscape creates a picturesque backdrop for activities in every season!


Winter in North Lake Tahoe

December – February

From December to February North Lake Tahoe transforms into a winter wonderland! Blanketed in snow, this region becomes a haven for winter sports enthusiasts who flock to the slopes for heart-pumping skiing and snowboarding and peaceful trails throughout the region are filled with cross country skiers, snowshoers and snowmobiles. During this season, temperatures range from 18-40°F (-9 to 4°C), mild considering the massive amount of snow this region accumulates. While it snows, you can feel a distinct drop in temperature but for many days in the winter, the skies are clear and bright. Known as ‘bluebird days’, these conditions are what draw winter sports lovers from across the globe to the area and visitors can enjoy warm, sunny days and sparkling, snowy conditions. While winter is filled with bright beautiful days, driving in winter can be tricky and requires the right vehicle and equipment. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is recommended, winter tires are a must and all vehicles should carry chains to adhere to road and safety regulations in the area.


Spring in North Lake Tahoe

March – May 

As winter begins to give way to the warmer temperatures of spring, the Sierra Nevadas slowly turn into a verdant paradise with pops of color as wildflowers and cultivated gardens begin to bloom during the late spring. During this season, you can still find winter sports at higher elevations but as the snow melts, there are lots of opportunities for hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. While the temperature isn’t quite warm enough for swimming and water sports, spring is a great time for fishing and boating when you can explore the waters and shores of the lake without the throng of summertime visitors. May marks the final melting of snow, temperatures ranging from 40-65°F (4-18°C) ushering in the warmth of summer. Whether you’re taking advantage of the last of the snow, exploring the lake, or discovering scenic trails, spring in North Lake Tahoe is a refreshing and invigorating experience.


Summer in North Lake Tahoe

June – August

June, July, and August usher in warm, sun-soaked days with temperatures ranging from 75-85°F (24-29°C). The crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe are perfect for swimming, offering a refreshing way to cool down. Beyond swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding are peaceful ways to enjoy the water while boating is a fun way to explore more of this incredible lake and you can wakeboard, go tubing waterski and more! In the summer, higher elevation hiking and mountain biking trails open up, offering challenging trails and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Summer evenings in North Lake Tahoe are perfect for the many outdoor concerts and events that are held during the season, creating a lively atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the region’s vibrant culture.


Fall in North Lake Tahoe

September – November

Although fall begins in September, during this month, you can still experience warm weather and blue skies even while the leaves slowly change color. October is when true fall arrives where you can enjoy a tapestry of fall colors and crisp, blue skies and cooler temperatures ranging from 35-65°F (2-18°C) making it the perfect time for scenic drives, hiking, biking and golfing. Fall also signifies the harvest season, so if you’re a gourmande, this is the time of year to savor the incredible local ingredients of the area and see how the restaurants in the region interpret the bounty of fall. November brings a drop in temperature and it’s during this month that you’ll most likely experience the first snowfall heralding in winter and allowing visitors to enjoy watching the landscape transform into a winter wonderland. The fall is also a time to enjoy the quieter side of the region, with fewer crowds and a more relaxed atmosphere.


Average Monthly Temperatures, Precipitation, and Daylight Hours

Quick facts:

Hottest month: July ~77º F (~24º C)

Coldest month: January ~38.7º F (~4ºC)

Snowiest month: January ~45.9 inches (~117 cm)

Peak months: June, July, August, December, January, February

Off-peak months: March, April, May, September, October, November


Month Average Temperature (°F) Precipitation (inches) Daylight Hours
January                       23º – 39º 4.3 10 hours
February 25º – 41º 3.8 11 hours
March 28º – 46º 3.7 12 hours
April 32º – 54º 2.1 13 hours
May 38º – 63º 1.5 14 hours
June 45º – 72º 0.7 15 hours
July 51º – 80º 0.3 15 hours
August 50º – 80º 0.4 14 hours
September            43º – 72º 0.8 13 hours
October 35º – 61º 1.7 12 hours
November 27º – 47º 3.0 11 hours
December 23º – 39º 3.7 10 hours


Whether you seek snowy adventures, vibrant spring landscapes, sun-soaked summers, or the vibrant beauty of fall in the mountains, North Lake Tahoe offers a diverse range of experiences throughout the year! When you’re ready to take the next step in planning your vacation to North Lake Tahoe, visit our website and find your perfect Californian vacation rental!