Tahoe Signature Properties

As the days fly by, it doesn’t take the turn of a calendar page to tell us that summer’s end has almost arrived. In Lake Tahoe, as the days begin to shorten and the cooler night temperatures last longer, the promise of fall can be felt by all who live or visit here. As much as the arrival of fall brings sweet relief, the end of summer often makes us sad. Did we eat enough ice cream? Sleep in late as often as we wanted? Did we have at least one day where we never got out of our pajamas? Summer is about good times and lack of responsibilities, and although it’s rapidly drawing to an end, there is still one last hurrah to be had. Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner, and if you’re thinking of spending your Labor Day in North Lake Tahoe, you’ve made the right decision!

Labor Day Sales

No matter where you are, Labor Day sales are a thing to celebrate, and just because you may be far from home doesn’t mean you can’t partake in their greatness! The Tahoe City Labor Day Sidewalk Sale proves that the sport of bargain hunting should not be taken lightly; grab your sneakers, a bottle of water, and the credit card that has never let you down and head to town! This sale takes place from August 30 to September 2, so if you miss out on some of the vendors on the first day, there’s plenty of time to return over the next two days!

Picnic by the Lake

North Tahoe Beach is the place to be during the summer, and Labor Day is no different. Offering picnic tables for visitors who don’t like the extra grit of sand in their sandwiches or plenty of beach spots for the purists that understand a picnic is not a picnic unless held on a blanket in the sand or grass! Enjoying amazing views with every bite is just one of the many perks to a picnic at North Tahoe Beach—discover all the others on your own!

Backyard Barbecues

The backyard barbecue is a uniquely American experience, and many of our Tahoe Signature Properties Labor Day escapes come with working grills. Choose your meats, pick your favorite beverages, and prepare for a day of leisure and comfort! Reserve your stay during Labor Day in North Lake Tahoe with us today!