Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving

We hate to remind you, but if you haven’t looked at the calendar lately, you may be surprised to learn that it’s time to start making your holiday plans again! We know Thanksgiving can be hectic, and we have a great idea just for you: We think this is the year that you and your immediate family should run away and enjoy a Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving for the long weekend! Offering breathtaking landscapes, tranquil moments, and delicious meals, this Thanksgiving will be the most memorable one in recent history and promises to tighten the bonds between you and your family!

Quiet Moments

Even if you haven’t rented one of our lakefront properties, you’ll still find the views outside your Tahoe Signature Properties Thanksgiving escape breathtaking and worth spending time enjoying! Sitting on the porch with a steaming hot cup of coffee (mornings can get a tad chilly) will have your family drifting towards your happy spot in search of conversation. These quiet moments will keep you feeling thankful throughout your stay!

Bountiful Feasts

The one thing we are always thankful for is that delicious Thanksgiving feast, and when you stay with us in North Lake Tahoe, your options for the feast are plentiful! Release your inner Julia Child and create a made from scratch meal that would put any chef to shame; our kitchens are fully equipped, and the cheerful spaces put the fun back in any evening meal! If cooking isn’t your thing, you can order a fully cooked dinner from the local Safeway and save yourself a lot of work! For those who prefer to be served, many North Lake Tahoe restaurants will be open on the holiday, offering special meals and Thanksgiving buffets. Lone Eagle Grille is one of our favorites, and even though the Thanksgiving menu can be a little costly, the choices are plentiful, hearty, and delicious, making it worth spending a little more!

Make the Most of Your Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving Getaway

The list of things to do during your Thanksgiving getaway is an almost endless one that includes shopping for bargains on Black Friday, watching as the town puts on its Christmas finest, or simply gathering around the fireplace with the family on your warm and welcoming Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving escape. Reserve your Tahoe vacation home today and prepare for the perfect holiday adventure!