Enjoy fun this Easter in Lake Tahoe in our vacation rentals

As 2021 passes by at nearly breakneck speeds, the calendar tells us that once again it is time to start prepping for a new holiday. Easter is only a few weeks away, held on April 4th this year, and although you may not normally travel on this special day, like us, you are probably tired of the same old views out the windows of your home and are ready to get out and see something new! And if mountain views, pristine wilderness, and one of the nation’s most beautiful and clear fresh water lakes sounds good to you, well, we predict that an Easter escape to North Lake Tahoe (and a stay in one of our luxurious Tahoe Signature Properties holiday hideaways) is in your future! This guide to celebrating an Easter in Lake Tahoe with all your favorite traditions will help make sure that every minute of your visit is exactly what you dreamed it would be!

Choices Make Your Easter in Lake Tahoe Even Better

Let’s face it, families come in all shapes and sizes and whether your family consists of you and your best friend or of you, your spouse, and a handful of littles, our homes are designed to fit you just right! Offering kitchens that are spacious, fully equipped, and built to put the joy back in cooking, these spaces are where you can recreate all your traditional family dishes; glaze a ham, whip up some creamy mashed potatoes, and bake a holiday cake that will make your children wish that dessert always came first!

We Have Easter Tahoe Rentals!

If cooking isn’t your thing, and that’s ok, there are plenty of restaurants in the area that will be open on this holiday, the kitchen can be a place where chocolate bunnies are devoured ears first by the light of the stove, coffee is brewed dark and strong, and cocktails don’t have to wait until 5 PM to be sipped; Irish coffee for breakfast, a cold beer at lunch, and when 5 o’clock does arrive signifying that NOW is the time to enjoy the harder stuff, a chocolatini garnished with a chocolate easter egg will bring a smile to your taste buds!

In the dining rooms, large tables dominate the space, offering a cozy escape for two or enough room to fit the whole family as you play games (Candyland is a great Easter game for families with very young children), feast on Easter ham, or sip more of those amazing chocolatinis! Take the party to the living room where a fire is crackling merrily, the state-of-the-art television is playing too loud as usual, and the Easter baskets are lined up on the mantel just waiting to be torn into by anxious and excited children! This space can be used for reading, watching tv, or taking naps to recover from chocolatini overindulgence, because choices in how you live, even on holiday, are important!

When the sun sets and the moon rises high, bathing the landscape with an ethereal glow that is oh so magical, slipping between the soft sheets and blankets that adorn our beds promises to be the best part of your day. Close your eyes to the troubles in the world, stretch out on beds with just the right amount of bounce, and fall into a dream world that is filled with happy images. Your children are just down the hall, sleeping as only children can (once they get rid of the giggles!) and all is right in your world during your 2021 Easter escape.

Time to Relax

While most vacations are go, go, go, this Easter escape is destined to be about relax, relax, relax! Rent a house on Lake Tahoe and find yourself sitting on the sand, watching the ever-changing water views as you let the sounds of the lake lull you into quiet contemplation! Spend your days exploring the shops of Truckee and spend your nights gathered around a fire pit in the backyard, counting stars and telling stories that you will remember for the rest of your life. Simmering in the bubbling waters of a hot tub after hiding decorated eggs for your children to find the next morning, cuddling in front of a roaring fire watching the traditional Easter movies on the large screen televisions, or sitting on the back porch watching the sun set over the lake as you sip Peter Cottontail Cocktails that you whipped together earlier; these are the moments that turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary holiday experience and after the year you have just experienced, who deserves it more?

Every House Becomes a Home

Our properties contain all the necessary ingredients to make this holiday escape memorable and when your family walks in the door, our houses become homes. Reserve your Easter escape today!

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