North Lake Tahoe places to visit

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. But enjoying the scenery is easy. Find the best shops to visit and places to eat is a little trickier! This is a handy guide to the best spots in the area, the ones you won’t want to miss while you’re here.

North Lake Tahoe- Places to Visit – Benko Art Gallery

This art gallery is one of a kind, customer oriented and focused on Contemporary Fine Art. Here you can find a wide-ranging variety of skilled artists, and the perfect work of art to take home with you. Commission a portrait, mural, custom painting of your choice, or even custom designs for album art or concerts. Best of all is the ability to order a canvas print here of any of your dear Tahoe vacation photos! If you love art, this will probably be one of your favorite North Lake Tahoe places to visit.


Reborn in Lake Tahoe from an online store for shipping craft beer, this place is a gem among breweries. Here you can enjoy the largest selection of craft and premium imported beer in all of Tahoe. The staff is friendly and loves beer more than anyone and will be happy to recommend you their favorites from the twelve rotating taps and over five hundred bottles and cans they keep at the ready. Get ready to leave Brewforia with a new favorite beer.

High Sierra Gardens

High Sierra Gardens is the best place to get your fill of beautiful garden scenery. They’re the premier landscape designer for Tahoe; there you can soak in the lovely creek-side nursery surrounded by pine trees and explore the gift boutique. Fresh flowers, indoor and outdoor plants, you can even buy a single rose if you just want a little something to give someone you love. For botanic lovers, this is most likely one of their favorite North Lake Tahoe places to visit!

Alder Creek Café

This cafe is a favorite among locals, and it’s easy to see why. Open seasonally, there’s a limited time to enjoy this café in the lovely summer weather. The menu here is carefully crafted with outdoors enthusiasts in mind and will pair splendidly with a day chock full of activities like hiking and swimming.

Boathouse on the Pier

This is the absolute best place to dine with a view of Lake Tahoe, hands down. This restaurant sits right over the lake on Timber Cove Pier, so your view of the water while you enjoy your meal goes totally unobstructed. No matter what time of day you dine, you’ll be getting a totally unique view of the sparkling water and the broad face of Mt. Tallac that will stay in your heart forever, but the absolute best time of day to visit is at sunset. You should definitely experience this place, as it is one of the top North Lake Tahoe places to visit!

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