The Grille at Sawtooth Ridge

When vacationing in a new place, it can be difficult to find somewhere to eat that everyone in your family agrees on, but when you stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes, you have the combined knowledge of our staff to guide you to restaurants everyone will fall in love with! The Grille at Sawtooth Ridge, open on weekdays from 2-9 PM and from noon until 9 PM on weekends, offers a fusion of Hawaiian and California meals for a taste of sunshine you will never forget!

The Grill at Sawtooth Ridge – Located at 5001 Northstar Drive Suite 5101 in Truckee

Located in a nondescript brick building in the center of town, the Grille is easy to find, no matter which of our Tahoe Signature Properties you’re staying in; just follow the sounds of laughter and happy people! A small patio outside fills up first during the nicer days, but the inside is always hopping, fine weather or not! A fully stocked bar can be the center of attention and is always a nice place to sit, have a drink, and a casual conversation with your partner on those nights you’re not ready to eat, but you’re also not ready to go home. The friendly waitstaff will instantly make guests feel comfortable and at home. If you lived here full time, chances are you would make The Grille at Sawtooth Ridge one of your regular stops!

The Menu

From the chicken meatballs on their appetizer menu to the Decadent Donut offered on their dessert menu, every bite you take will have your taste buds whimpering in pleasure! Offering your favorite bar food and classic meals, all created with a twist that is unique to The Grille at Sawtooth Ridge, every dish is dream worthy! Enjoy drunken pickles brined in IPA then deep fried and served with ranch dressing, Wild Hawaiian Caught Ahi Tuna, Wagyu Eye of Ribeye, California Burgers, and Fish Tacos; all these innovative dishes are created from locally sourced ingredients and can be “tweaked” to fit your dietary needs! They also offer an extensive kids’ menu that includes hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly, and chicken teriyaki, plus an even larger specialty cocktail menu that will be much loved by the over 21s in your group. Their featured cocktail changes frequently and is always worth a try!

Leftovers at 2 AM?

 Your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape comes with a fully equipped kitchen that includes a microwave for reheating leftovers; why do some meals taste so much better in the middle of the night? Maybe, at least for the duration of your stay in Tahoe, it’s the surroundings that add to the sweet taste of late-night snacks. Reserve your Tahoe getaway today and do a little research yourself!