Enjoy the Sugar Bowl Golden Egg Hunt 2012 During Lake Tahoe Easter

April 22, 2012- Annual Golden Egg Hunt at Sugar Bowl

Find the golden egg somewhere on the mountain and win a 2012/2013 Summit Sunday season pass. The Easter Bunny will be on the mountain with some clues to where the Golden Egg is hidden. There will also be other eggs on the mountain containing clues to the secret location. Find them and they will help you find the Golden Egg during the next Lake Tahoe Easter.

Dana Moraru has been involved in the property management business since 2007. Dana then founded Tahoe Signature Properties in 2012 with a desire to share the beauty and experiences of Lake Tahoe with the world. Dana has been living in and exploring the area for over 10 years, making her the perfect host and a Lake Tahoe expert.
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