As difficult as it is to believe, the new year is just minutes away; the presents have all been opened, the relatives have all gone home, and your house is most likely looking like a Christmas tornado has had its way with your rooms. Just looking at the mess heightens your anxiety levels, as you try to figure out where you will be putting all the wonderful gifts your thoughtful family has given you. So why not do something different this year? Forget about the mess, forget about playing Tetris with your gifts, it’s time to use that Christmas money and head to Tahoe for a relaxing and exciting Lake Tahoe New Year’s celebration!

Something About a Snowy Lake Tahoe New Year’s Eve

Out of all the holidays, this one is the one that’s most about promises; the promise of better luck, of happier days, of a year filled with romance and wonder and nothing signifies promise more than a blanket of newly fallen snow. Looking out the window of your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape, the snow falls quietly, glowing quietly under a new moon, and you begin to feel that anything is possible. A quiet evening spent here with the love of your life is the perfect way to begin a new year filled with promise.

The Promise of Good Music

Not everyone wants to spend New Years at home, however, and for those looking for a little excitement, the Snow Globe Music Festival is coming to town! Starting December 29 and lasting through New Year’s Eve at Lake Tahoe Community College Field and marketed as the “West Coast’s Biggest NYE Festival”, the promise of hearing some really amazing music is in your future! Featuring multiple stages, multiple musicians, and colorful lights that glow brightly against the snow, this festival is a fantastic way to greet the new year!

The Promise of Excitement

When we were growing up, New Year’s Eve appeared to be so glamorous to us, as our parents dressed in their glitziest finest, and headed out for a night of unknown excitement and adventures; while we stayed home with the babysitter and Dick Clark at midnight. Your visit to Tahoe will reveal the adventures we dreamed of, with glamourous parties, midnight balloon drops, and more great music when you attend any of the following parties; The Midnight Club – New Year’s Eve Speakeasy Supper in Reno, All That Glitters New Year’s Kaleidoscope Party at the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, or the Squaw Valley Prom in Olympic Valley! Your Lake Tahoe New Year’s Eve promises to be as exciting and glamorous as you always dreamed!


Make Lake Tahoe your New Year’s destination this year and stay in one of our New Year’s Vacation Rentals!