If you’re looking for snowy outdoor adventures and tons of family fun, you should consider spending Ski Skate Week in North Lake Tahoe! With an incredible array of ski resorts, each with their own unique amenities, features and activities as well as tons of family friendly restaurants and stunning vacation homes in the region, North Lake Tahoe is a great place to spend time together enjoying the great outdoors! 

Explore the Best Resorts in North Lake Tahoe

For winter sport enthusiasts and snow lovers, Ski Skate Week at North Lake Tahoe is a must! With much of the region still blanketed in snow during this week, you can find incredible skiing and snowboarding at some of the best resorts in the US plus peaceful trails for nordic adventures, perfect sledding hills and tons of snowy family fun! It’s the perfect winter playground for the whole family! Northstar California Resort, Palisades Tahoe, Tahoe Donner, and Sugar Bowl are all renowned for their pristine slopes and family-friendly amenities. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, these resorts offer something for everyone, ensuring a memorable experience for the whole family.

Skiing and Snowboarding

In North Lake Tahoe, skiing and snowboarding take center stage during the snowy seasons–and for good reason! With so many incredible resorts to choose from, you can find exactly what you’re looking for! Whether it’s the legendary slopes of the 1960 Olympics at Palisades Tahoe, the epic runs at Sugar Bowl or the family friendly havens of Tahoe Donner and Northstar, in North Lake Tahoe you can find the perfect level of thrill for seasoned enthusiasts, little ones and beginners! 

Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing

For those looking to explore the winter wonderland at a slower pace, North Lake Tahoe resorts offer excellent opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing! The picturesque trails winding through the snow-covered landscape make for an unforgettable family adventure. 

Sledding and More! 

Whether you’re planning to boogie your way down the hill at Palisades Tahoe’s Disco Tubing or looking for a place to enjoy classic sledding, you’re in the right place! You can grab your own sled and look for a local hill to play or check out the groomed sledding runs at Granlibakken and Tahoe City Winter Sports Park! Just remember that you won’t be able to use your own sled on the groomed trails and sleds are available to rent for the day! 

Ice Skating

Get ready to glide into fun together at these incredible skating rinks! Gather the family and head to the outdoor ice rinks in Northstar Village in Truckee and Tahoe Winter Sports Park in Tahoe City for a day of gliding, twirling, zooming or shuffling under bright blue skies! No matter where you’re staying in North Lake Tahoe, you can enjoy this fun family activity surrounded by the breathtaking snow-covered scenery!

Family Friendly Restaurants

No matter what your Ski SKate Week activities are, one of the most important things it to find delicious food that kids will love! In North Lake Tahoe, we’ve got great places to refuel that are perfect for the whole family! Whether you’re looking for the perfect stack of warm pancakes, juicy burgers, delicious pizza or filling pasta, you can find the perfect, kid-approved food at the many warm and welcoming restaurants that characterize the region’s dining scene. From cozy mountain eateries and fun diners to upscale dining options, you can find the perfect restaurant just a short drive away!!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend quality family time in the California mountains during Ski Skate Week, North Lake Tahoe is where you want to book! Visit our website to book the perfect accommodation for your family and discover even more family-friendly activities and ideas that will make your Ski Skate Week getaway truly unforgettable!