Labor Day with Tahoe Signature Properties

As the year speeds by like a first-time driver on the autobahn in Germany, it is time to say farewell to summer with one last hurrah. Labor Day is just around the corner and in our minds, there is no better way to celebrate than with a visit to Tahoe and a stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes! If you are of like mind, this guide to everything that makes a day without labor the best day, this guide to spending Labor Day 2022 in Lake Tahoe will ensure that your send-off to summer will be one you never forget!

Sunrise and a Hearty Breakfast This Labor Day in Lake Tahoe

On a day meant to be enjoyed in complete laziness, we still think that at least one morning of your stay should include rising with the sun; you can always go back to bed and sleep for a few more hours! There are lots of reasons enjoying a Lake Tahoe sunrise is a great bucket list activity, starting with the fact that no fancy dress is required! Simply roll out of bed, grab a warm jacket or robe to wear over your pajamas (it is cool in the early morning hours), and wander out to your patio, preferably with a cup of coffee in hand. Your hair can be a mess, last night’s makeup can be smeared, and all that will matter is the view before you. Mother Nature presents a spectacular show, one that is repeated every morning and one that you will never forget. Going back to bed after the sun has fully risen is always an option, but if this Labor Day weekend finds you especially hungry, the Old Post Office Café, 5245 N Lake Boulevard in Carnelian Bay, opens at 7, so wash your face, get presentable and head on over for a Hangover Helper breakfast that is delicious even without a hangover! Created with eggs, sausage, biscuits, and gravy, this meal offers the perfect way to start every day and gives visitors the fuel they need to do anything they want or nothing at all!

Free Concert Fridays, Music on the Beach, Kings Beach State Recreation Area

Friday, September 2 is the last of the Summer Free Concert Fridays and it promises to be the best one. Achilles Wheel, a mixed genre performing group, is scheduled to appear, starting at 6:30 and the stories this great group has to tell will leave you feeling happy and complete. The sun is scheduled to set at 7:29 on this last Friday of summer, adding to the beauty of the music with the beauty of a sky lit in a kaleidoscope of fiery hues; this experience is one you will carry with you in your heart for years to come!

Take a Hike

It won’t be long before the lush green of summer is replaced with a blanket of pristine white snow, so you can be sure that we take these last days of the season to get outside as often as we can and the best way to start is with a hike to the Historic Stateline Fire Lookout in Kings Beach. A short trail that leads to the lookout point is easy to manage and a couple of benches at the top give visitors a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe they will never forget. A commemorative marker tells the stories of the fire watchers who once perched here, but you won’t be thinking about the fire at all as you stare out on the most beautiful landscape in the world!

Drone Light Shows

The July 4th drone shows scheduled for Kings Beach and Tahoe City were just recently postponed, much to our dismay, but what was bad for Independence Day revelers is good for Labor Day partiers as the show is now scheduled for Labor Day weekend! Drone light shows are serving as a replacement for fireworks, offering beautiful light shows that although there is no correlating bang, will still thrill all who view them! (Young kids especially love the bangless beauty of the drones!) They still haven’t announced the exact date, other than saying it will be over the weekend, but once again the skies will “explode” with color as the lake reflects the beauty of the colors below!

Barbecues with Tahoe Signature Properties

The all-American barbecue will be even better than usual when you enjoy it and incredible views from the decks of our Tahoe Signature Properties holiday hideaways! This Labor Day in Lake Tahoe, gather round firepits in the backyard, teach your kiddos the merits of living life unplugged with a board game marathon, and revel in 3 full days of having all the time in the world to devote to your family! The memories made in Tahoe will stick with you forever; reserve your favorite escape today!