Lake Tahoe Operations Update at Pacific Palasades.

May Spring Skiing Continues

As the weather warms up and we bid farewell to winter, it’s time for an update on the operations at Palisades Tahoe! Our team at Tahoe Signature Properties knows how important it is for our guests to  stay informed about the ski resort’s spring schedule adjustments to ensure an unforgettable vacation experience! Here’s everything you need to know!

Due to colder than usual temperatures in the later ski season, Palisades still has some great snowpack that has allowed the ski season to be extended! Typically, we see the downhill season to end in April but on Monday, April 29th, Palisades shifted its daily operation hours from 9am to 4pm to 8am to 2pm to allow for guests to get the best” experience while the snow sticks around. As the day goes on and the temperatures rise, the snow quality declines making it a less enjoyable experience so if you’re heading up, go early!

Despite the slowly thinning snowpack, as far as we know, KT-22 will continue to offer excellent skiing opportunities through May as long as snow conditions remain as expected. And while the grooming of the lower portion of the Saddle has stopped, you can rest assured that daily maintenance is being conducted to keep CII Ridge accessible and in top notch condition for the remainder of the snow.

Looking Ahead

Palisades’ Closing Day is tentatively scheduled for May 27th (Memorial Day) subject to weather and conditions. We’ll keep a close eye on developments, and you can stay on top of all updates with the links below! While Shirley Lake and Gold Coast typically offer reliable skiing experiences, we’re optimistic about the potential for even more terrain accessibility as the season progresses.

Stay Tuned

At Tahoe Signature Properties, we’re committed to ensuring that your vacation experience is nothing short of exceptional, and that includes staying informed about the latest developments at Palisades Tahoe! 

Follow the links below for all the latest end-of-season information about Palisades Tahoe! 

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