Most of us have spent a lot of time at home lately, and now that the restrictions are lifting and borders are re-opening, we are all ready to just get out and go! From road trips to neighboring towns to cross-country adventures designed to cure our itchy feet, we are ready to move, and when your personal road map leads you to the breathtaking views found in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend your entire getaway cooped up inside four walls once again! This guide to some of our favorite outdoor activities will ensure that your California adventure is filled with excitement and fun, and when it’s time to come back inside at the end of every day, choosing Tahoe Signature Properties for your vacation accommodations will ensure that every night is filled with comfortable luxuries and quiet moments of something special!

Ride the Rapids in Truckee

One of our favorite adventures is a white-water rafting trip up the Truckee River with the help of the Truckee River Raft Company. Offering raft rentals for a self-guided tour of the river, your summer vacation would somehow be lacking if you didn’t set aside a few hours for a river excursion! Lazily rafting along while enjoying snacks and beverages you packed in a cooler and brought along offers a thrill you will never forget, and although there aren’t many rapids on this trip, the daredevil in you will still have bragging rights as you tell all your friends about “that time in Lake Tahoe when you rode the rapids!”


For many travelers, a vacation isn’t considered successful until they’ve spent some time on the greens, chasing that tiny dimpled ball around the course! If your idea of a great time is cursing at your slices, getting a sunburn on your nose, and FINALLY figuring out exactly what you were doing wrong with your swing, perhaps a visit to the Tahoe City Golf Course is in order. Located at 251 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City, this beloved course has been a favorite of North Lake Tahoe residents and visitors since opening day all the way back in 1918. In the 50s, it was a where many of the big money tournaments were held!

Take a Cruise

As beautiful as the views of Lake Tahoe from the shore are, the views are even more breathtaking when seen from the deck of a paddleboat floating on the water! The Tahoe Gal, based out of Tahoe City, offers daily cruises of the lake and the occasional special event. Your time spent on her decks promises to be among some of the most memorable moments of your visit! Take a Happy Hour Cruise that offers discounted adult beverages or a sunset dinner cruise and enjoy some of the very best wines in California with your meal! The Shoreline Brunch Cruise aboard the Tahoe Gal offers a special treat that doesn’t involve food or drink; it’s the opportunity to cruise on past some of the most impressive mansions in the state, including the one used when filming the Godfather II.

Explore Historic Downtown Truckee

The small towns of America are the heartbeat of our country, offering charm, warmth, and friendship to travelers from all over the world, and the historic downtown area of Truckee has been popular with visitors for years. Take a History Walking tour, with a guide or without, and discover the importance our small town has in the history of the country. Guests can learn about its humble beginnings and the Paiute Indian chief who helped emigrants find their way. Discover the details of the tragic Donner Party and explore the remains of the first lumber mill in the area. Visit the site where the Olympics were held in Squaw Valley in 1960 and see where Hollywood expanded to for a brief time in the 30s. Life in this small town may be slow and quiet today, but it wasn’t always that way; Truckee was once an important hot spot in our nation!

No Need to Venture Far for Fun Outdoor Activities

On those days when you are feeling a little tired and don’t want to venture far from your vacation home away from home, don’t worry; there are still plenty of ways to have fun outdoors without leaving the boundaries of your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape! Revel in the quiet beauty of the sun setting over Lake Tahoe from the deck, sipping on your favorite beverage as you chat with family members and wait for the “big event.” Choose a lake view property and spend happy hours frolicking in the water or simply sunning yourself from the beach. Living on a lake is as close to paradise as we can imagine! But remember, no matter how you spend your days, spending every night in the comfort of our properties promises to be the best part of your Tahoe getaway—reserve yours today!