Enjoy local beers and more at these activities in North Lake Tahoe

The changing of the seasons is important to us, and as the calendar pages are torn off to reveal each new month, we always find something new to love about Tahoe. The promise of spring when the temperatures are still cold, but the buds of young flowers are beginning to push their way through the fertile dark soil. The laziness and childlike wonder that summer always brings, transporting us back to the days of sticky sweet popsicles and the coconut scent of our favorite tanning oils. The joy we feel every winter when standing at the top of a slope, looking down at the blanket of snow and the people who stepped off the precipice before us, dressed in their most colorful and warmest winter wear. As we say goodbye to the long days of summer and step into warm sweaters and the smell of pumpkin spice wafts through the air, we say to ourselves, THIS is our favorite season of all! If your journey has you turned in the direction of North Lake Tahoe for your fall break, this guide to all the fun you can have during your stay in our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes will ensure that getaway will be one you never forget with these activities in North Lake Tahoe!

Made in Tahoe Festival, October 9 – 10, The Village of Squaw Valley

As the pandemic lingers on, not all the festivals that celebrate the return of fall have begun to make their appearance, but the Made in Tahoe Festival is made of sturdy stuff, and we are excited to be able to see the beginnings of normalcy in North Lake Tahoe. This special festival celebrates the people and artisans of Tahoe, offering music, food, and arts and crafts made by the people who are lucky enough to live here full time! Even the entertainers are locally born, giving this unique event the breath of the lake. As you sip cold beers, eat delicious food, and listen to the music played by local musicians, your love for fall will quite possibly reach its peak!

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Tahoe Vista Treetop, 6600 Donner Road in Tahoe Vista

If you think hiking underneath the fiery canopy of trees in the fall is a breathtaking and exciting experience, wait until you find yourself flying through them, securely attached to a thin cable and able to see the entire landscape of the valley around you! Leaving you feeling as if you are living a technicolor dream, the Squaw Valley Adventure Center and its zip lines are definitely one of the best ways we know to while away a few hours of your day. Offering 39 zip lines as well as 87 tree platforms and 54 events/bridges, this giant playground in the sky offers a joyful time for all who play there. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a midday break in the heart of the fall landscape, and when you come home later that evening, tired and ready for a nap, our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation properties offer a soft place to land!

Take a Ride on the Wild Side With These Activities in North Lake Tahoe

Sometimes the best way to conquer another beautiful fall day is astride a mountain bike, going full speed along trails that take you under the trees displaying their most fiery of autumn gear! Rent a mountain bike from Olympic Bike Shop, 620 N. Lake Boulevard, and spend your September days exploring the countryside. Also offering tandem bikes, bike strollers, and all the gear needed for a quiet family ride, Olympic Bike Shop has something for everyone. Stay in town and explore the shops and stores that dot the downtown areas or go wild and wooly in on the local trails. The shop has trail information so you will know exactly what you are getting yourselves into!

Pumpkin Spice Isn’t Just for Coffee

Nothing signifies the changing of the seasons more than an ice-cold craft beer served from your favorite brewery, and Fiftyfifty Brewing Company, located at 11197 Brockway Road #1 in Truckee, offers the perfect example! Currently serving their summer favorites such as their West Coast Haze Pale Ale, their fall favorites are certain to drop soon, and we are sitting at the edge of our chairs waiting impatiently to discover if this is the year that pumpkin porters will rule! As you sip and snack at this brewery and pub, if the weather starts to chill a little more than you are used to, you will be warm on the inside, thanks to the tasty beers you are imbibing!

Fall for Our Seasonal Sanctuaries

Coming home each evening to the comfort and warmth found in our seasonal sanctuaries promises to be the moments you hold closest to your heart upon your return to real life. Reserve your stay today and fall in love with fall in comfort and style!

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