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North Lake Tahoe is one of those locations in the US that beckons adventurers and nature lovers from around the world. One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe is from one of the incredible viewpoints that offer breathtaking vistas of the lake’s turquoise depths, the forests and hills that make this region so magnificent. When it comes to finding the best views in North Lake Tahoe, our curated list is the you’re go-to guide to finding the perfect spot to marvel at the unrivaled splendor of North Lake Tahoe. Whether you’re a sunset chaser, a hiking enthusiast, or simply yearning for a moment of serenity, our guide is tailored to elevate your experience of this alpine paradise! When you’re looking for the best vacation rental for your North Lake Tahoe getaway, Tahoe Signature Properties offers exceptional rental homes all over this enchanting region. Our properties are ideal home bases to embark on extraordinary journeys through the grandeur of the Sierra Nevadas! 


Mount Rose Summit

Located near Incline Village on the Nevada side of North Lake Tahoe, this well-traveled 5.5 mile (one-way) trail is renowned as one of the most popular hiking routes in the region and offers some incredible views from the summit (10,776 feet). As you hike you can enjoy beautiful views of the forest, alpine meadows, wildflowers and stunning waterfalls. The trail is hard-packed, well maintained and easily navigable which makes it a safe and easy trail to follow. On clear days, hikers can enjoy breathtaking views that extend all the way from Freel Peak to Mount Shasta! There’s no doubt that this challenging hike is absolutely worth the effort!

All Trails map of Mount Rose Peak Trail 


Brockway Summit

Located between Truckee and Kings Beach, Brockway Summit is an incredible place for breathtaking views. While the summit is not accessible by car, you can park on the side of CA 267 and find the Tahoe Rim trailhead that will lead you to the summit. While the hike isn’t terribly long, it is uphill and can be difficult for inexperienced hikers but the view is worth it! At an elevation of  7,179 feet, the summit unveils a captivating panorama of the lake surrounded by lush forests. Pack a picnic and enjoy an afternoon in the stunning scenery of North Lake Tahoe! 

More information and hikes around Brockway Summit via Alltrails 


Monkey Rock

Perfect for guests staying at Kings Beach, this trail, located near Incline Village on the Nevada side of North Lake Tahoe, is a moderately difficult 2.6 mile trail that offers incredible views on Lake Tahoe. Generally, this hike only takes just over an hour and is a very popular spot, especially from April to October when hikers can enjoy fragrant spring wildflowers, warm summer weather or vibrant colors of fall. When you reach the rocky outcrop that provides breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains, see if you can find the boulder that has given this viewpoint its interesting moniker! 

Alltrails map of the Monkey Rock Trail 


Lake Tahoe Scenic Overlook

If you’re not ready to take on the Mount Rose Hike, this is a great alternative! Just a 15 minute drive away from Kings Beach you’ll reach this incredible overlook in Nevada. At the base of Mount Rose, it won’t be the same far-reaching panoramic views as you can get at the peak but the views are still stunning and photo-worthy–and you don’t have to take on an 11 mile hike! 


Eagle Rock Trail

Perched above the lake, just south of Tahoe City, hikers can find a postcard perfect view of Lake Tahoe from Eagle Rock, the highest point of the Eagle Rock Trail. This short hike is rated moderate for the elevation gain but if you’re up for a nice little workout, this is a perfect trail for a morning or late afternoon hike to enjoy fresh mountain air and gorgeous scenery. At the top, you’ll find the iconic rock formation and a spot that offers a unique perspective of North Lake Tahoe, making it a must-visit–especially for photographers! 

Alltrails map of Eagle Rock Trail 


Rubicon Peak Trail

Just south of Meeks Bay in D.L. Bliss State Park, hikers will find an incredible 2.5 mile out and back hike to one of the most incredible and unique views around Lake Tahoe. This challenging hike starts at the end of Highland Drive in the Rubicon Bay neighborhood on the edge of Lake Tahoe (see the Alltrails map for reference) and leads up to Rubicon Peak. If you’re a hiking novice, you may want to skip this one as there are many parts of this trail that are steep and rocky with a scramble at the summit. However, those who are brave enough to take this one on are in for a treat! You’ll get a unique perspective on Lake Tahoe with unparalleled views of the dense forests of  North Lake Tahoe and distant mountain ranges at the pinnacle of this rewarding trail. Be sure to download offline maps as the trail to the peak is not very well marked!  

Alltrails map of Rubicon Peak Trail 


Stateline Fire Lookout 

Just above Nevada’s Crystal Bay area visitors can find the historic Stateline Fire Lookout. While the fire lookout structure may not be standing anymore, there is a panoramic viewpoint platform to absorb the mesmerizing views of Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe and surrounding forests as well as signs for visitors to read more about the lookout’s rich history. The popular trail itself starts in a Nevada neighborhood, winding upwards to a California boundary (hence the name), and is a fairly steep, paved forest road that leads to the lookout. The trail might be steep but it is short enough to be worth the climb to non-hikers and families and offers both a look into the past and a serene place to enjoy the calming blues of the lake and sky.

Alltrails map of Stateline Fire Lookout


Flume Trail 

If you’re ready to take on a once-in-a-lifetime challenge, you will want to consider taking on the Flume Trail. Hailed as one of Lake Tahoe’s most spectacular routes, this singletrack trail winds through granite cliffs, providing breathtaking views 2,500 feet above the azure waters. Originally built for water delivery during the Comstock Lode era, the trail now welcomes hikers and mountain bikers from Memorial Day onwards. The trail begins at Spooner Lake State Park, climbing 1,100 feet to Marlette Lake, where a stunning descent unveils the best vistas of Lake Tahoe. If you or anyone in your group has issues with heights or is not a confident rider, please consider other trails, there are significant parts of this route that are bordered by steep cliff drop-offs and can be dangerous to hikers or cyclists that are unprepared. To conveniently access this incredible trail, you may want to consider the commercial shuttle service from Tunnel Creek Cafe at the edge of Incline Village. For more information about the trail and the shuttle, contact the Incline Village Visitors Center at (775) 832-1606.

Alltrails map of the Flume Trail 


Palisades Tahoe Aerial Tram

If you’re looking for incredible views without the hike, you’ll want to take a ride on the Aerial Tram at Palisades Tahoe, a captivating experience that really elevates your adventure in North Lake Tahoe! This state-of-the-art tram transports you from the base over Tram Face to the majestic High Camp at 8,200 feet, offering unrivaled panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and Lake Tahoe. If you’re taking the tram up to enjoy some incredible alpine adventures or you’re just looking to sightsee, Palisades has it all! Grab a Sightseeing Pass and enjoy riding the Aerial Tram, Base to Base Gondola and Funitel as much as you want! 


More Incredible Views of Lake Tahoe!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Are you looking for the best view of Lake Tahoe from a different perspective? Why not book an early morning hot air balloon ride and experience a unique way of looking over the clear waters of Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe Balloons launches and lands from the deck of Tahoe Flyer, the world’s only U.S.C.G. certified balloon launch and recovery vessel. The ride starts just after sunrise, so make sure to layer up as it can get pretty cold over Lake Tahoe in the mornings. The experience takes approximately 4 hours and only runs from May to October.


Boat tour of Lake Tahoe

Book an evening of sailing around Lake Tahoe and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets, book an afternoon on the chic Grand Craft Commuter and explore the waters of Lake Tahoe in style or grab tickets for the Tahoe Gal and a tour of this incredible lake on a classic paddlewheeler! Plus, in the warmer weather, you can rent kayaks, speed boats or paddleboards if you want to go out there on your own and soak up the beauty of Lake Tahoe. 


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