the beautiful views when you visit Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe offers incredible views that cannot be rivaled. You and your family chose to visit North Lake Tahoe for the many exciting attractions, and the view is sure to be one of them. You will be visiting a gorgeous freshwater lake deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, so make sure you enjoy it with a great view. Here are some places to visit to get the best views in North Lake Tahoe.

Kings Beach

No matter where you go when you visit North Lake Tahoe, some of the best views always seem to be around water. Luckily for you, Lake Tahoe is one of the country’s most beautiful lakes and has various local beaches to provide you with incredible views. The first of these beaches is Kings Beach, a local favorite where water-sporting enthusiasts partake in paddle boarding and more. Kings Beach captures the perfect highlights of sunrise and sunset watching and is in close proximity to where you may be staying. Locals encourage visitors to get out early in the morning and catch the reflections of the sunrise off the crystal blue water. The surrounding mountain range can also be enjoyed nearby from Kings Beach, letting you enjoy the views from a relaxing distance when you visit Lake Tahoe.

Eagle Bay

One of North Tahoe Lake’s most scenic locations is Eagle Bay. The surrounding area features hiking trails that are friendly for the whole family and let you get a glimpse into the nearby fauna and flora of the area. When you reach the top of this scenic hike, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of Eagle Bay that are perfect for all of your vacation pictures. Your family will highly enjoy these amazing views around North Lake Tahoe.

Eagle Rock

Make sure to get those hiking boots on when you visit North Lake Tahoe. Another local favorite hike that ends with spectacular views of North Lake Tahoe is Eagle Rock. Located along the western shore, Eagle Rock lets visitors explore a dormant volcano that has since eroded into an easy hiking trail. Once you reach the top of this easy, five-mile hike, you will enjoy panoramic views of North Lake Tahoe that are unforgettable. The nearby scenery includes the Carson Range, Blackwood Canyon, and Desolation Wilderness. This fantastic location is perfect to snap a quick pic and share it with all of those following along with your North Lake Tahoe adventure!


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