A Journey for Exciting Lake Tahoe Festivals and Events

If you crave festivals and enjoy the sights and colors and happy people having loads of fun, then you shouldn’t miss out on these festivals and special events in North Lake Tahoe. There’s a lot to enjoy only you need to plan your vacation in advance around the time of the festival of your choice. Some months there is more than one Lake Tahoe festival, while other months hardly have a single one.

Craft Beer and Food Truck Festival

Nothing says vacation better than indulging in craft beer and ordering food from food trucks. Combine the two in one Truckee festival and you’re practically in a foodie paradise. Held usually on the first week of October of every year, it’s the place to find the best local brewers as well as food trucks serving some of their finest meals. Live music keeps everyone in a good mood, which goes well with the flowing craft beer. Make sure to stay to the end, when one lucky winner will get a free tour offered by one of the sponsors.

Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival

You know what they say about vacations ruining your figure and wrecking your diet? Well, not this one, and especially not if you take part in the Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival. Here you come face to face with yoga instructors, energy workers, and healers from around the area who will help you unwind, relax, and heal. It’s a rejuvenating experience that will do you a lot of good. But this is not just about having a massage, it’s a combination of meditations and hikes in the woods in a group. You can also have healthy meals on the site as part of the comprehensive experience.

Beerfest & Bluegrass Lake Tahoe Festival

Mixing beer and bluegrass is a winning formula. Add to that great mountain views and you’re in for some really good times. It’s all here: the craft beer, the fizzy concoctions, and the dance to the tunes of live music. Who could ask for more? This is the place to make great memories that you will be talking about for years to come. This Truckee festival is held during the summer months, usually in July. There’s no other place that brings together craft beer lovers and bluegrass music enthusiasts.

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