north lake tahoe in november 

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love turkey day? Thanksgiving is the best mix of awesome food, the company of the ones you love, and football on TV. But this year, elevate your family tradition by booking one of our North Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving vacation rental homes and spending it stress-free in a winter wonderland.

Winter Activities in North Lake Tahoe in November

Start off the day with playtime in the snow. Your rental will be in the heart of the natural beauty of scenic Lake Tahoe, so fun is truly right outside your door. The kids will love bundling up and making snow angels or enjoying an impromptu snowball fight! Meanwhile, the adults will love that the kids aren’t underfoot as they finish up their mealtime preparations.

Rest assured that all of our rental properties have kitchens with the right amenities and features you’ll need to make the delicious homecooked feast you’re used to indulging in. Mm, we can smell that turkey and cranberry sauce now!

Gather around the table and take a few moments to share what you’re thankful for during your North Lake Tahoe Thanksgiving. (Our guess is that this trip will be at the top of the list.) Then it’s time to dig right in. Let yourself have seconds – there are plenty of outdoor activities to burn those calories off anyway.

Outside of the food, explore some of the best ski slopes in the nation, located around all sides of Lake Tahoe. Whether you’re an expert snowboarder or still on the bunny slopes, there’s a trail for you to enjoy.

As a special treat, take a snowmobile tour with your family, and witness the sights and sounds of Lake Tahoe as never before, with a well-seasoned guide to help lead you. This is available for people at any skill level and will make for unforgettable memories exploring the area as a group.

There are also two outdoor ice-skating rinks near the lake to try out, each of which has a fireplace to warm up by after your time dancing and pirouetting on the ice. Once you’re done with your outdoorsy fun, double on back to your rental to sink into plush beds and rest up for another day here, there, and everywhere across Lake Tahoe!

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