North Lake Tahoe Activities

Not all journeys are taken with a companion. Some of the most fascinating and impactful journeys of your life will be solo ones, if you’re brave enough to take that step! Offering an insight into what makes you tick, your travels alone can bring you the greatest joy of your life as you explore new places at your own pace, digging in deep at the activities that intrigue and sweeping on by the ones that offer no interest at all. When your solo journey brings you to North Lake Tahoe, this guide to activities you can enjoy during your stay in one of our Tahoe vacation rentals can be taken in the same vein; explore them all or ignore them and follow your dreams! Being alone in your travels doesn’t have to mean lonely, and you travel life’s roads in your own fashion with North Lake Tahoe activities!

Donner Memorial State Park

Donner Memorial State Park offers the perfect place to start your solo journey to North Lake Tahoe. The visitors center features a wealth of information about the history of the area as well as an intense knowledge of the park. Take one of their interpretive walks or explore the Pioneer Monument and Emigrant Trail Museum, also a part of the park, on your own.

The Gatekeeper’s Museum, Tahoe City

The history of Lake Tahoe is fascinating, and you can study in-depth with a visit to the Gatekeeper’s Museum. Learn about our rich history as you examine artifacts from our past. For us, the most intriguing parts of the museum are the stories that are told about the original Tahoe settlers, but this is your journey, and your interests may lay in the Marian Steinbach Indian Basket Collection!

Jake’s on the Lake, Tahoe City

The most difficult part of solo travel can be dining out alone, and you may be tempted to skip that part and make use of the fully equipped kitchen in your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape. We urge you, however, to venture out at least once during your stay, and when you do, we hope that you will choose Jake’s on the Lake for your “maiden dining out voyage!” Offering lake views and an all-American menu that features tastes of California as well as hints of Hawaii, this special spot is in a prime location for sunset watching, and for over 40 years has been considered THE North Lake Tahoe tradition!

With so much to do in Lake Tahoe on your own, there’s no reason your solo adventure will be any less fun!