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Is there anything quite like Independence Day in America? The smell of grilling everywhere, children playing tag, everyone gathered together in a homey atmosphere, and, of course, amazing fireworks to cap it all off! But this year, you can completely upgrade the holiday simply by moving its setting to majestic Lake Tahoe, where an exciting North Lake Tahoe 4th of July awaits you.

North Lake Tahoe Activities in Summer

Start your North Lake Tahoe 4th of July off in one our lovely vacation rentals, where you’ll have all the amenities you’re used to, without any of the stresses of home. After a hearty breakfast and cup of coffee, take the fascinating guided tour of the lake. This group tour will take you and other visitors through all the hidden treasures you may not have found on a traditional hike.

After that excursion, head on back and grill some burgers for lunch, all while taking in that beautiful lake view. The kids will love spending the rest of the day out on the lake, to take their pick of water activities. Go out boating on the clear blue waters and be sure to bring your fishing pole to try to reel in the big one this trip! There’s always fun to be had from renting a canoe or paddle board to cruise around the lake in too. Don’t forget to get in some sunbathing by the shore to work on your vacation tan.

For the more adventurous, you can go white water rafting in this area, or take a fun mountain biking tour in the surrounding woods. There’s nothing like getting your blood pumping while deep in the heart of nature, hearing the gentle sounds of the pristine waters and beautiful woodlands all around you.

At the end of enjoying plenty of North Lake Tahoe activities in summer, lay back on an Adirondack chair and celebrate the fourth in classic comfort, set up right on the lakeshore. The sky will light up with a beautiful fireworks display, sure to impress even the most jaded of critics. Even better, you know you’ll have a comfortable rental to trundle off to and get a good night’s sleep. Don’t worry – there’s no bedtime struggles when the kids are this worn out from a long day of adventuring, not to mention making the sorts of memories they’ll look back on forever.

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