Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Have you been searching for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

If you are the planning type, the idea has crossed your mind, what should you get your mom, wife, and/or partner for Mother’s Day? Well, and this comes from a mom of 2 beautiful daughters, after the year we’ve had, with homeschooling, working from home, and trying to juggle so much, this year more than ever, she deserves to be treated. Now hold on a minute, I’m not implying this has been easy for the other half, your special day is coming too, so tune in later for that post☺️.

Book Her a Trip 

There is nothing more I would love to do after a year of isolation, in fact, this year I’m the lucky one, we’re headed to Maui, can you tell I’m excited🎉, the islands have been calling my name for a while. Back to gift ideas, it doesn’t have to be fancy, book a vacation home and give your wife/partner a break for the day, where she does whatever she wants, if you’re like me, you’ll end up catching up on sleep, and that book that you just can’t get to. Have some family friends you enjoy spending time with? Make plans to send them on a girls’ getaway, book a vacation home for the weekend, and voila, you’re winning at “year’s best partner”.

Book a Spa Treatment

A spa day, where you get to relax and take advantage of the treatments available at the spa sounds divine. If an entire day isn’t an option, send her to get her nails done, or on a lunch date with a friend or a group of friends. It’s so nice when someone else does the planning for you.

Give Her The Day OFF

For the moms with young children, this will probably be the most appreciated gesture. I would so love a chair, my favorite book, and to lounge on a dock on Donner Lake or by the Truckee River and have some time to myself.

But whatever you do, just remember to celebrate your mother and or partner as this is the most rewarding and the hardest job in the world.

Dana Moraru has been involved in the property management business since 2007. Dana then founded Tahoe Signature Properties in 2012 with a desire to share the beauty and experiences of Lake Tahoe with the world. Dana has been living in and exploring the area for over 10 years, making her the perfect host and a Lake Tahoe expert.
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