The first half of 2020 has been interesting to say the least, as we venture into a world pandemic, add new words to our vocabulary, discover new ways to entertain ourselves without leaving our homes, and wonder why we can’t find toilet paper on the shelves! As we speed towards the end of summer, however, we can all feel a change taking place. Travel restrictions are lifting, news of a possible vaccine is filling the airwaves, and toilet paper is plentiful once more, making this the perfect time to consider a Labor Day getaway to the beauty of North Lake Tahoe. Offering plenty of places to explore while still maintaining that all-important social distance, our lakeside town is a great way to reward yourself for all that you’ve given up over the last few months of your life.

Hike a Portion of the Pacific Crest Trail

The natural landscape of North Lake Tahoe is a breathtaking one, and hiking trails are abundant throughout the region, but if you want to try something extra special, there is a 15-mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail that passes through the area at Donner Pass. The Pacific Crest Trail is the longest hiking trail in the nation, covering over 2600 miles in three states, making it a popular bucket list item for hardcore hiking fans, but for regular vacation explorer, the 15-mile stretch is a perfect taste of the adventure!

H2O Adventures on Your Labor Day Weekend

Lake Tahoe is known as the best lake in America, so why not take a little kayak adventure and explore its wonders up close? Tahoe Paddle & Oar, located in Kings Beach, is rated five stars on Google and offers instructions that will allow you to glide easily across the lake. Paddle your way to a host of hidden beaches and secluded coves, enjoying the fresh air and awesome views, stopping to take pictures of some of the more breathtaking sights. Pack a picnic lunch to be enjoyed in one of the secluded coves, feeling as if you and your vacation mates are the only people left in the world. Wade in the chilly waters, nap on a beach towel on a hidden beach, or simply paddle through paradise until you can’t paddle anymore; these are moments you will remember forever!

Look to the Stars 

The skies of North Lake Tahoe are incredibly clear at night, leading to some of the best stargazing in the country; there’s even a company that offers star tours in the region. And even though the Tahoe Star Tours company has closed for this season, due to the pandemic, you can conduct your own star tour from the backyard of your Tahoe Signature Properties holiday hideaway! Spread a blanket over the grass, pour some wine into a glass, and prepare to be awed by most spectacular sky show in all of California! You don’t have to be an astronomer to find the easier constellations, including Orion, Ursa Major and Minor, and of course, everyone’s favorite, the Pegasus. If that’s a little too complicated, try to seek out the Big and Little Dippers (known as asterisms), or even the North Star.

Stake Out Your Own Section of the Beach

There’s nothing we love more than a day at the beach in North Lake Tahoe, and the best way to say farewell to summer is with a towel, some music, and a much-loved book. Stake your claim on a segment of Hidden Beach and wait for all remaining tension to drain from your body. It won’t take long, we promise, as you sit there under clear blue skies, feeling the sun kiss your cheeks and listening to the waves quietly crash against the sandy shores of the lake. The water is too cold for swimming, even this late in the season, but wading and splashing is always fun, and if you’re traveling with young ones, you have to know they will get wet!

Enjoy the Luxury 

Of course, the best part of your North Lake Tahoe getaway is getting to spend a large portion of your time being spoiled by the luxuries of our holiday homes! Sleep in late and savor the taste of the donuts you purchased at the Sugar Pine Cakery & Café in Tahoe City. Watch movies on the big screen television, spend time putting together a giant puzzle with your family, and watch the sun set over the lake as another perfect day in paradises reaches its natural conclusion. Reserve your Tahoe Signature Properties holiday hideaway today!