Chances are you have spent a lot of time indoors over the last few months, staring at the same four walls, desperately seeking something new to watch on television, and wondering if the pandemic restrictions will lift soon so you can enjoy your upcoming birthday! But now that the borders are opening on travel once more, as eager as you have been to get out of the house, you may find yourself reluctant to head towards the crowds, even on vacation! You’ve grown accustomed to social distancing, you’ve come to love the extra family time, and quite frankly, the virus is still slightly unstable, and although you are all set for your getaway to North Lake Tahoe and your stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes, you may still want to separate yourself from the masses. We understand completely and have compiled this guide to isolated activities you can enjoy during your Lake Tahoe vacation!

Take a Deep Breath

Lake Tahoe is the cleanest and clearest lake in America and the sight of the mountains reflecting in its rippling waters is one sight you won’t ever want to forget; the only thing better than the sight of the natural landscape is the clean crispness of the air. So go ahead and stand on the shores of the lake, take a deep breath, and feel the sense of peace and calm fall over your shoulders like a pashmina shawl on a winter’s night. Take a hike on the many trails that traverse the area, feeling as if the world belongs to you and your family. Listen to the sounds of the water slapping against the shore, the birds singing merrily as they nest in the trees and savor all the sounds of nature. The secluded paths will speak to your soul when the world is far too crowded elsewhere.

Tranquil Waters

On warmer days, heading to the mountains will offer quiet moments of splendor, while renting a boat from Premier Boat Rentals, 7010 N Lake Boulevard, and heading toward the center of the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe promises to bring an isolated experience you will never want to end! Find a secluded cove and drop a line into the waters, pulling in a treasure trove of trout in a rainbow of colors, including rainbow trout, bass, and the most delicious salmon you have ever tasted. As you sit quietly in the boat, feeling it gently rock on the surface, whether you are pulling in the motherlode of fish or aren’t getting a single bite, you’ll know that this is certainly your new happy place!

Secret Beaches

As popular as Lake Tahoe is, there are still quiet a few hidden beaches that will make you feel as if you are in your own private blue lagoon. Offering white sand beaches and turquoise waters, they stay hidden for the most part due to the strenuous hikes required to get there. Here is where you can soak in the rays as you lay on colorful beach towels, read a summer blockbuster while bobbing your head to the tunes only you can hear through your ear buds, or swim in the crystal clear waters. Be warned though, the water does not get much above 70 degrees, even during the hottest days of summer, so swimming is definitely a sport designed for those with thicker blood! Offering names such as Secret Cove, Skunk Harbor, and Chimney Beach, the magical moments spent exploring these secluded beaches will be ones you will look back on fondly for years to come. Pack a picnic and spend the day focusing on the love of your life; she will fall in love with you all over again!

Playing Hooky from Explorations

Unlike your early adventures in skipping school, playing hooky from your responsibilities during your stay in North Lake Tahoe will not get you in trouble! Rise with the sun and soak in the views from the patio of your beach front escape, then head back to bead for a couple more hours of sleep. Scramble eggs in the fully equipped kitchen, blend together champagne and orange juice for a delicious mimosa treat and take the time to listen to the answers your children give to your questions. Fish off the dock in a beachside property or soak in the views in a mountain top hideaway; these moments in your vacation home away from home are meant to be enjoyed in anyway you choose! Reserve your Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escape today!