Truckee Travel Deals

Because of its unique location on the border between California and Nevada, there are many options to get to Lake Tahoe. With about 15 towns dotting the scenic landscape, you can expect a lot of traffic. Between those 15 towns, you get to enjoy plenty of activities all year round. And while it helps if you have your own transportation to travel to and around Lake Tahoe, even without your own car, getting around the area shouldn’t be a problem. Whether by air, water, bus, or using the railroad, all ways of transportation in and out of Tahoe make it easy to get to your destination. What’s more, with so many great Truckee travel deals, you can always find cheap ways to travel.

Truckee Travel Deals for Traveling by Air

There are three airports in the area that cater for all the major airlines flying non-stop to Lake Tahoe. The Truckee Tahoe Airport is near Truckee, Reno International Airport with 973 domestic flights on a weekly basis, and Lake Tahoe Airport outside South Lake Tahoe. Getting a good deal on your airline ticket is a matter of searching online. Don’t wait till the last minute to book your flight because you won’t get a good discount. Websites like,, and are just a few of the sites that help you fly cheaply to Lake Tahoe.

Charters and Water Taxis

Once you land at any of the airports, you can ride a bus to your Lake Tahoe destination. Bus services start at 6.30 am with the last one ending around midnight. If you’re in South Lake Tahoe, you have the option to use water taxis. They connect Camp Richardson and Zephyr Cove and some stops on the way. Trolleys are another cool way to travel and experience Lake Tahoe as well. Unlike buses or taxis, you enjoy the open-air and have a full view of your surroundings. Charter services are also available and will practically take you anywhere you want, and are one of the top Truckee travel deals.

Bike Your Way Around the Lake

An alternative and more fun way to travel around Lake Tahoe is by bicycle. In the south, bike share programs such as Zagster will let you pick a bike and pedal your way around the lake using their interactive maps. The North Lake Tahoe area has Lime, offering bicycles and electric scooters. There are other interactive maps for hikers which detail all the hotspots around you as you make your way around.

Whatever way you choose to get to Lake Tahoe, getting around the area is both fun and entertaining. Call us for more information on great Truckee travel deals  and to book one of our Lake Tahoe vacation rentals.