Living in North Lake Tahoe after many years spent elsewhere, we’ve learned a few things that makes us feel very fortunate. The lake itself is 99.994% pure—not that far off distilled water, which is 99.998% pure—the summer weather rarely rises above 81 degrees, and there is nowhere else on earth that we would want to live! You may not be planning on moving to the lake, but if a summer vacation in North Lake Tahoe is the dream you’ve held close to your heart your entire life, we say there’s no time like the present! This guide to the cool treats that will help you beat our summer warmth will ensure that this vacation is really a dream come true!

Take a Deep Breath and Make the Plunge

The top way to stay cool in the depth of summer is by jumping feet first into the lake’s cool depths. Unlike the pool in your own backyard, the water temperatures never get really hot, and after that first thrill of entry, the cool waters will keep you refreshed and chill! North Tahoe Beach is our favorite spot, but any of the beaches along the shores are great!

The Taste of Summer

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot, warm, or rainy; an ice cream cone on a summer day is the closest any of us get to paradise in real life, and Sweet Tahoe Time Ice Cream at 8636 N Lake Boulevard in Kings Beach is our favorite ice cream of all! The barn red building in which the icy treats are housed is well known, and the back patio has become the town meeting spot during the summer season. Sweet, cold, and perfect, there’s no other taste that compares!

Dinner with a View

It’s hard to stay away from the focal point of our entire area, and when you have dinner at Jake’s on the Lake, you can have your “cake” and enjoy a view too! Located at 780 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City, Jake’s menu is innovative and delicious and their “mountain aloha” attitude is refreshing and welcoming. The lakefront dining allows diners to enjoy the coolest show in town: the sun setting over the lake on a perfect summer day.

Our Vacation Homes are Where Your Heart Will Be

Stylish, comfortable, and in many cases, offering views of stunning Lake Tahoe, falling in love with our summer escapes will be the easiest thing you do this year. Reserve yours today for the summer vacation in North Lake Tahoe of your dreams!