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Tahoe Mountain Guides

We all know those people who seek out adventure nearly every minute of their lives. From mountain biking to bungee jumping and every activity in between, even their dreams are filled with mountain climbing, skydiving, and various other undertakings that the standard public will never understand. And because it’s quite possible you may be one of those adventurous souls, we at Exclusive Properties want your vacation in Isle of Palms to be the adventure of your dreams, and Tahoe Mountain Guides is going to be our partner in doing so! Located inside the Cycle Paths Bike Shop at 10825 Pioneer Trail Suite 105 in Truckee, Tahoe Mountain Guides offers mountain biking tours and adventures for everyone from the most inexperienced biker to those whose experience ranks up there with the top mountain bikers of the world!


Different Experiences for Different Experience Levels

If you have never been on a mountain bike before, you definitely aren’t going to want to spend three days straddling a tiny bike seat, and if you’ve been riding for years, the beginners’ tour would be considered an insult, but Tahoe Mountain Guides offers a tour for every skill level.

The Manzanita Mtb Tour last about an hour and a half and will be personalized to your skill level; it costs $89 per person for groups of four or $99 per person if you’re going it alone. They also offer a High Country Mtb Tour which lasts 3-4 hours and can cost as low as $170 per person for groups of four, as well as the 3 Day Mtb Tour, which lasts—you guessed it—three days and includes hiking, shopping, swimming, and if you’re up for it, evenings spent drinking, eating, and listening to live music.

The final mountain bike tour offered by Tahoe Mountain Guides is the Flume Trail Mtb Tour. Designed for experienced riders, it offers breathtaking views and challenging uphill rides and lasts for 3-4 hours. Costing $150 (including snacks), if you like to challenge yourself, THIS is the tour for you!


For Our Female Guests

Sometimes women are told to leave the physical stuff to the guys, but Tahoe Mountain Guides doesn’t believe in that. They offer a three-day mountain biking camp for women, where they will train beginners and enhance more experienced rider’s skill over three days. Check out www.tahoemountainguides.com/womens-mtb-camp/ for more details.


Relax and Recuperate in Style

If all this mountain biking is making you tired, you’ll be happy to recharge and refuel in comfort and style in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes. Your adventures will be of a softer kind when you spend your time watching the sun set over the lake, watching your favorite rom-com on the big screen, or dreaming about your day’s happenings in cloud-soft beds you’ll never want to climb out of. Reserve your Lake Tahoe homes for rent today!

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