Everyone is born with different dreams of what they expect their perfect lives to be. Some want lots of money, prestige, and giant houses, while others feel the need to take a quieter path, becoming teachers who don’t make a lot of money but are instrumental in making our future better. The options are plentiful, but what almost every person seeks from the very beginning is the perfect partner to walk through life with. And when the yin to your yang is found, the smart ones know that keeping them happy is the key to keeping them forever. A secret smile, a tender caress, and this guide to a romantic getaway in Lake Tahoe for two is the best and easiest way of doing so!

Turn Off That Alarm

Real life is a never-ending series of early wakeups, late bedtimes,and long hours in between spent doing all the should-do’s and gotta-do’s that can wipe the smile off anyone’s face. But this trip to Tahoe is designed to be just the opposite;all you need is a little bit of pre-planning with a trip to Sugar Pine Cakery & Café in Tahoe City! Purchasing sweets for your sweet allows you both to ignore the call of the sunshine peeking in your windows too early in the morning; pull the pillow over your eyes, huddle closer to your love, and enjoy another hour or three in one of the softest beds in California!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The beauty of Tahoe is best experienced in the company of the beauty that makes your heart beat faster,and a walk along the shores of Lake Tahoe is both romantic and free. Plan a sunset visit to the Legacy Trail in Truckee and take a selfie with your love as the sun sets over the Truckee River; stealing a kiss is expected,and you get bonus points if you time it for the click of the lens!

A Lake Tahoe for Two Romantic Dinner

Every meal is guaranteed to be special when shared with your favorite traveling partner, but when you want to up the romance factor, a visit to Pianeta Cucina Italiana in Truckee will give you an evening to remember. Offering a romantic atmosphere, a revolving wine list, and a menu filled with the Italian classics you love so much, take your time to enjoy the meal, the wine, and the quiet conversations you never have the chance to partake of in real life.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

No matter how you spend your days during your Lake Tahoe for two stay, spending your nights and evenings in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes promises to the highlight of your trip! Reserve yours today and make this getaway one you talk about for years to come.