It’s interesting to see the changes that consume the world as we move deeper into this new millennium, and although the flying cars and robots that cook, clean, and do your laundry are still just a glimmer in the eyes of today’s inventors, when you realize that the simple phone you use every day of the week contains more data and RAM than a computer that used to take up an entire room, you have to be amazed! But it’s the simple things that seem to be making the largest impact these days: glasses that allow the colorblind see color, robots that vacuum your homes, and handcrafted cocktails that make the roughest days doable and turn your best days from ordinary to extraordinary! This guide to finding the best handcrafted California cocktails in North Lake Tahoe will help add an extra luster to your Tahoe getaway in the beginning of this new decade in the new millennium!

The Pioneer Cocktail Club in Tahoe City

The last time we faced the decade of the 20s, prohibition stopped us from enjoying any cocktails, but in this new decade, the Pioneer Cocktail Club is doing its best to ensure every sip we take is smooth and delicious and will never be forbidden again! Enjoy a classic Old Fashioned made with your favorite bourbon or take a step into the space age while you sip a Sloppy Santa; created with a blend of rums, bourbon, cognac, and baking spices in a clarified milk punch, this winter cocktail packs a punch! Their drink menu changes with the seasons, so try out the newest creations each time you visit!

Fat Cat Bar & Grill in Tahoe City

Live music, innovative pub grub, and tasty handcrafted cocktails turn an ordinary Tuesday night into one you never want to end. Stick with the classics like martinis, margaritas, and other mixed beverages, or play stump the bartender and ask for the toast of the US Open, a Honey Deuce! Made with vodka, lemonade, and raspberry liqueur and garnished with honeydew melon balls, this favorite drink of the US Open has become one of the most popular cocktails in the country!

Moody’s Bistro Bar & Beats in Truckee

This local hot spot is a winner on all levels, serving delicious foods, offering toe-tapping music, and featuring some of the tastiest handcrafted cocktails in the entire Lake Tahoe region. It’s where we go to relax and let our hair down after a long day of lakeside fun! And with colorful names such as Fairy’s Wear Boots and Judge and Jury, reading the cocktail menu makes us giggle out loud! Our favorite drink changes by the week, but right now we’re in love with Fisticuffs, created with Charbay Green Tea Vodka, elderflower, sparkling wine, fresh lemon juice and basil. Unique, delicious, and refreshing it will make your night shine!

Quietly Elegant with California Cocktails

After the final sip has been taken, coming home to one of our quietly elegant Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes can be the highlight of a night that already shines bright! Reserve yours today!