Tahoe Donner is a beautiful community in Truckee, CA

Why do we love Tahoe Donner?

Tahoe Donner is a beautiful community in Truckee, it’s nestled high above the hustle and bustle of town, and this is a great spot for any season. Tahoe Donner offers an array of amenities that range from a private beach in the summer to a ski heal in the winter but above all Tahoe Donner is beautiful, nicely kept, and highly desirable region in Truckee.

For those of you that are visiting Lake Tahoe for the first time, heres what you should Know Before You Go. Please make sure you have a 4WD if driving in the winter, Tahoe Donner gets considerably more snow than any other areas in Truckee and driving can be challenging, especially driving up and down Northwoods.

Not all homeowners belong to Trout Creek Rec Center, if this is an amenity you’d like to use please confirm it with the rental agent or owner when booking.

There is a little store on Northwoods where you can get some groceries but for most grocery shopping Safeway on Donner Pass Rd or Savemart on Deerfields would be your best bet, and newer added Raley’s is an option.

There is a Restaurant that’s called The Lodge and a Pizza place called Pizza on the Hill both on Northwoods, please make reservations if you’re visiting Lake Tahoe during the busy season.

Most residencies in Tahoe Donner are cabins, there are some condos so if you’re looking for lower prices a condo would be a great option or a smaller cabin if occupancy allows.

There is plenty of Hiking and Mountain Biking just off of your front door, there are trails all over Tahoe Donner that you can enjoy for hours, just make sure you have a map or a GPS, I’ve lived in Tahoe Donner for years, and got lost several times, of course, I didn’t bring along a phone, not to worry, you eventually find your way out as it all goes in a circle, but it added a few extra unplanned hours to that day.

The Golf Course is a great option to spend a day or more in the beautiful Sierra Mountains, or maybe tennis? But if laying on a Beautiful Lake Tahoe Beach is more up your alley, spend the day on the private beach at the Beach Club Marina, Tahoe Donner has it all.

If you are a homeowner or looking to purchase a home in Tahoe Donner and are interested in Vacation Rental Property Management we’ll be happy to help, talk to a professional today about what’s desirable with renters and what return on investment you can expect, please Contact Us.