activities in north lake Tahoe

It’s the most important day in your life, so naturally, you want it to be a glorious day. You want everything to go right. The perfect setting would feature the sun shining, nature dressed in its very best, and every little detail going according to plan. Well, to have this kind of bliss, you need to choose your venue in a place like North Lake Tahoe. Regardless of the season, nature always looks like a bride on her wedding day. Not to mix metaphors here, but winter brings shimmering icicles hanging from the trees and powder snow blanketing everything else. Autumn is a splash of colors and the trees look like they’re competing in a beauty pageant. The lake offers many romantic things to do in Lake Tahoe and its own unique landscape, which for many couples is the ultimate setting for their wedding day.

State Park Area

This venue has it all: sand, beach, romance, and setting sun. You’ll feel like the universe is blessing your marriage. During the winter, snowflakes float down and hang in the hair of the guests and bridesmaids. The community hall nearby can accommodate as many as 350 people. And if you’re worried about catering, you shouldn’t be. Most restaurants in the area cater to weddings and special events. You can choose from different cuisines and add a special flavor to your special day. Dress and tuxedo rentals are also available.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the heart and soul of this area. It’s hard to imagine life here without it, so it makes perfect sense if you want to celebrate this day alongside the lake. The views are breathtaking. And after the ceremony, you can take a boat and float over the serene surface of the water. On board the boat, you can have your wedding festivities and activities in North Lake Tahoe in a romantic setting. The marina has many boats for rental, and they can accommodate groups of different sizes.

Let the Professionals Help with Your Romantic Things to Do In Lake Tahoe

If you’re planning your special day yourself, you might be putting yourself under a lot of unnecessary stress. Many things could go wrong and put such a wonderful occasion at risk. Instead, consider hiring a professional to plan everything for you, from purchasing the right champagne to obtaining the necessary license. Professional wedding experts can handle all the little snags that arise and take care of them before they become a real problem.

Your special day becomes a magical day in North Lake Tahoe. Here, nature celebrates your wedding day and bestows her blessing on your marriage. Contact us today to book one of our cabin rentals in Lake Tahoe for your special day and to learn more about romantic things to do in Lake Tahoe!