best restaurants in Truckee area

While many of are perfectly content to eat a nice, relaxed diner where we can get large portions and leave warm and happy, there are those time we do wish to dress up a bit, go out on a night on the town, and have some fancy, well-made food. Here in Truckee, California, we have a selection of fancy eateries ranging from the creamy deliciousness of Italian cuisine served on tables lit by candles to fine dining where each plate looks as if it was created by an artist and with flavors that you may never again get to try. If you’re feeling like something a bit fancier for dinner, read on to find out the Top 5 Fancy Restaurants in Truckee, CA!

Great Gold

We start off on our exploration of the best restaurants in Truckee area, elegant and fancy, with the savory and warm flavors of Italy at Great Gold. Offering both outdoor and indoor seating, you are sure to have a casual, yet elegant, night as you feast upon delicious food and sip fine wine. At Great Gold, you will find all your classic Italian favorites, but as you’ll see they go much farther than just your typical American Italian food. Enjoy ravioli stuffed with ruby beets, goat cheese, parmesan broad, aceto balsamico, and flavored with a variety of herbs. Also find your typical pizzas, ranging from those with mushrooms to those with hot salami. You’ll also find many of your favorite entrees such as Lasagna Verde, which is flavored with prosciutto ragu, buffalo mozzarella, and parmesan cheese. Each dish is created not only with the highest of care, but also with made with ingredients sourced from California, ensuring that each bite is as fresh as the last. While you enjoy your perfectly made Italian fare, make sure you pair it with one of there selections of diverse wines and beers. So, if you are looking for a casually elegant ambiance with perfectly made Italian food, make sure you head on over to Great Gold.

Truckee Tavern and Grill

Continuing on we come to a restaurant serving an array of American cuisine with just a touch of sophistication, all in a warm and rustic environment. Truckee Tavern Grill is sure to have you coming back after you enjoy their entrees cooked from locally sourced ingredients. Not only this, but each bite of meat is farm-raised and hormone-free, ensuring that only the freshest of fresh gets put on your plate. As well, with seasonal menus, you are sure to find something new every time you come back. You’ll find, for instance, a variety of small plates such as mushroom soup, mixed green salad, chipotle buffalo wings, and grilled shrimp cocktails. You’ll also find some sandwich and burgers such as their BLT made with ½ pound of bacon! If there are any vegetarians traveling with you, they are sure to enjoy the veggie burger which is cooked to perfection. If those don’t get your mouth watering, then maybe you might enjoy their vegetable linguini, or perhaps their rich roasted lamb fettuccine? If you’re a meat lover, make sure you check out their selection of steaks such as the 12 oz ribeye or 14 oz pork chop. If the whole family feels especially hungry, you might enjoy their entire slow-roasted chicken. For good food in a sophisticated yet casual atmosphere, make sure you check out Truckee Tavern and Grill!

The Lodge Restaurant & Pub

Next up on our list is a restaurant that was voted the best of North Lake Tahoe and Truckee, and it’s easy to see why. The Lodge Restaurant and Pub offers outdoor seating with magnificent views for you to admire while you enjoy a range of different entrees, all made with local and organic produce and meats. For dinner, you’ll find a wide selection of various items such as Braised Short Ribs or a Thai Curry Noddle Bowl. You’ll also find such intriguing combinations as Grilled Chipotle and Honey Glazed Prawns, or Duck Confit Banh Mi. You’ll even see such unique menu items as Grilled BBQ Octopus. Make sure you check out their handpicked wine selection as well so that you can ensure you pair the perfect glass with your scrumptious meal. If you’re not quite a wine lover, then you just might enjoy having a glass of carefully crafted cocktails. So, if you’re looking for unique food, while enjoy the fresh air and amazing views then make sure you stop by The Lodge Restaurant & Pub.

Petra Wine Bar

As we approach our number one spot, we start to go further into the realm of fancy and elegant with Petra Wine Bar. Hosting a shockingly large selection of various wines for you to try, you are sure to find that perfect something to pair with an expertly made meal. As well, there wine cellar is constantly changing and evolving, so you are always sure to see new surprises when you stop in. Further, if you find yourself an avid wine lover, you might be interested in the one-on-one personal wine consultations they offer, which is sure to have you walking away with the perfect glass tailored to your individual tastes. For food, you will find a selection of different items from small and sharable plates such as Castelvetrano olives and Marcona almonds and a Cheese and Charcuterie Platter. You’ll also find a selection of salads for those looking for healthier options; these range from your typical house salad to watermelon salad and a harvest bowl. You’ll also find such entrees like pasta primavera, roasted chicken, and cast iron seared bavette steak. If you are looking for something different, you might even enjoy giving their pork burger a try. If you are looking to indulge the inner connoisseur and have some good food at the same time, then make sure you give Petra Wine Bar a try.


Finally, at number one we have the best place to go if you are looking for a taste of elegance and sophistication. Trokay offers an unforgettable fine dining experience that is sure to have you remembering them fondly. Check the calendar, as they often hold cooking classes ranging from those for kids to those teaching you the basics of knife work and an entire class dedicated to cheese. However, if you aren’t looking to indulge your studious side, make sure you enjoy the magnificent food you are sure to be served. With a constantly changing menu, you have your choice between Prix Fixe or the Chef’s Tasting Menu, both with multiple courses each more carefully and artistically prepared then the last. On the Prix Fixe menu you’ll find such meals as Salad of Beetroot and Sea Buckthorn, Tempura of Maryland with soft shell crab, wild Alaska halibut, and Valrhona grand cru chocolate. If you go for the tasting menu, you’ll be gifted such creations as A Taste of the Sea, which comes with razor clam, tai snapper, and uni emulsion. There is also the Fire and Smoke, which comes with juniper, Mt. Lassen trout, radish, and rye. If you are really looking to try something new, treat the table to a table serving of Ossetra Caviar. So, if you are looking for something truly fancy and elegant, complete with the complexities of flavors that one would expect of fine dining, make sure you stop by Trokay!

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