As you begin planning your first visit to North Lake Tahoe, chances are you have a lot on your mind. Tickets need to be purchased, arrangements need to be made for your mail, plants, and dogs, and just as you seem to do for every vacation, some new clothing needs to be added to your wardrobe. So, no one should be surprised when that magical first day of vacation arrives, you realize that you do not have a clear idea of what you are going to do while here! You obviously have a vague idea of sleeping in late, watching sunsets from your back patio, and taking time out to see the lake—you can cross off two of those items at the same time if you are staying in one of our lakefront units—but beyond that, you really have not given it any proper thought. Fortunately, we have given this matter lots of thought for thousands of guests, and we have developed this guide to the top Tahoe tours you should experience while in North Lake Tahoe, giving you some helpful ideas to get the vacation process started successfully!

Tahoe Tours on the Lake with Tahoe Gal

The first thing on your travel itinerary should be a lake tour aboard the riverboat Tahoe Gal. Offering a full bar and a variety of cruise choices, the captain provides a live narrative of the history of the area and how it pertains to what you are seeing today as you cruise happily on one of the most popular lakes in the world. Choose a lunch cruise to Emerald Bay, a happy hour cruise offering discounted well drinks and many happy passengers, a shoreline brunch cruise that takes you past some of the areas most beautiful and luxurious estates, or a romantic sunset cruise that includes dinner for an additional fee. Whichever cruise you take, the Tahoe Gal provides a great way to get a better idea of what you might want to do during your Tahoe adventures!

Learn About our other Guided Tours

History Tour with a Visit to the Donner Pass Memorial Park and Museum

Chances are you have heard the tragic story of the Donner Party and the horrible things they had to do to survive, but you may not have realized that Donner Pass is located right here in North Lake Tahoe and you can visit the park and museum dedicated to their story during your stay! Tour the monument built in memorial, read the story behind the story, and visit the museum dedicated to the Donner Party and the emigrants who worked hard to make a life here during the toughest of times. The museums and parks are opening again after pandemic closures, and your trip back in history is guaranteed to be a special one!

How the Wealthy Lived

Another step back in time you may want to make is with a historical tour of the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion, located in Tacoma. Built before there were roads leading to the Lake Tahoe area, everything needed to build this luxury mansion was shipped in, creating a stone and wood estate offering premium views of the lake itself! Built over 100 years ago at the turn of the 20th century by a businessman from San Francisco, the spot on which this glorious estate lays was originally nothing but sand, showing the determination of that wealthy man when it came to building something that would last! Tours of this magnificent mansion and its grounds give us a peek into the world of the rich and semi-famous (Mr. Hellman was probably very well-known in the business world, but not anywhere else!), which was a very nice world indeed!

Tahoe Tastings

Our favorite type of tour is the kind that begins and end with sips of wine, and the Tahoe Tastings tour is exactly that! Step aboard the vintage water taxi (a 1953 Chris Craft Venetian Water Taxi, to be exact) and sip your way across the glorious Lake Tahoe. Named the Golden Rose and built from an amazing variety of woods from all over the world, including mahogany, Alaskan cedar, Australian iron bark, and Pernambuco wood that traveled all the way over from Brazil, the boat itself may prove a distraction from the beauty of the region! The wines you will taste, however, are strictly all-American and are created right here in the glorious state of California. Spots are limited and reservations should be made, which you can do simply by clicking on this link right here!

Come Home to Tahoe Signature Properties

As you zip across the lake, either on a large riverboat or in the more intimate surroundings of the Golden Rose, exploring the rich history of the most beautiful area in the nation, coming home each night to the luxurious comforts offered by Tahoe Signature Properties may prove to be the highlight of every day. Reserve your stay with us today!

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