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Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular vacation destinations in all the world, and even though you may not be familiar with the town of Truckee, located just north of the lake is an equally popular destination offering a variety of attractions that will enhance your getaway! And because our mission at Tahoe Signature Properties is to ensure that our guests have the best vacations ever, we have created this guide to the top five tourist things to do in summer and things to do in winter just for you. No need to worry that you might miss something important when you become a member of the Tahoe Signature Properties family; you just need to read through this article and check your favorites off your vacation bucket list!

Coyote Moon Golf Course, 10685 Northwoods Boulevard

Golfers have been flocking to Truckee in the summer time just for the opportunity to play on the Coyote Moon Golf Course, almost since the day it opened! Sitting on 250 acres of breathtaking Truckee landscape and designed by PGA player Brad Bell, this gorgeous course is challenging without being intimidating, a quality obviously not shared by all public courses! Featuring natural obstacles, including granite, rough grass, and the Trout Creek that runs through it, the majority of the holes are par 3 or 4 with a few par 5s thrown in to keep it interesting! The biggest obstacle to a good game, though, is one that you might not expect; trying to keep your mind on the game in the midst of all the natural Truckee beauty is a difficult task that can interfere with the scores of the lowest handicapped golfers!

Truckee River Winery, 10061 S River Street

Napa Valley isn’t the only California region capable of making delicious wines and the Truckee River Winery is the perfect example! It is, however, the highest and the coldest winery in the state and is Truckee’s only winery making it a favorite for sophisticated travelers. Located inside a 2 story red barn on the Truckee River, they produce 2500 cases of pinot grigio, pinot gris rose, chardonnay and a large selection of red wines; their 2018 Tondré Pinot Noir is one of their most popular reds. And although their tasting room on Brockway Road did close in 2020, their online store lives on, allowing visitors the opportunity to enjoy their wines no matter how far away from the winery they live!

White Water Rafting on the Truckee River

Daredevils can’t help but follow the adventures with the highest adrenaline rushes and white water rafting can be one of their favorite activities, making Tahoe Whitewater Tours, located at 10015 Palisades Drive, one of their favorite Truckee adventures! Offering a variety of half and full day runs down the Truckee River, their trips for Adrenaline Junkies are their most popular, although their Adventures for the whole family tours run a close second! Tahoe Whitewater Tours have been the top rafting company in the region for over 25 years and their guides are knowledgeable, personable, and fun to be around!

Northstar California Resort

Lake Tahoe isn’t the only game in town, as we are a popular skiing destination spot as well, with Northstar California Resort being one of the most popular in the country! Built on an extinct volcano (giving it serious cool points!) the mountain offers over 3000 skiable acres and 100 trails broken down into 13% beginner, 60% intermediate, and 27% advanced runs. There are also eight terrain parks and Kids Adventure Zones guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face that will never fade! The mountain doesn’t close down in the summer months, however, as the trails that are so popular in the winter become hiking and mountain biking trails in the gloriously warm days of the summer solstice, ensuring that this former volcano is one of the popular tourist places to visit in Truckee, CA no matter what the season!

Donner Memorial State Park & Emigrant Trail Museum

For all its beauty and the wonderful and exciting activities that take place in Truckee, it is most known for being the site of a horrible tragedy. In the winter of 1846, a group of Americans traveling to settle in the wild west delayed their departure from their Midwest town too long and became lost in the wilderness of the Lake Tahoe region. If you haven’t heard the end of this story, we are not going to do a spoiler alert, as the museum and park have exhibits, statues, and memorials that tell the story far better than we ever could. Offering hiking trails though some of the most beautiful of natural settings in addition to the museum, your visit to Truckee would be one filled with regret if you did not add a stop at the park and museum to your itinerary!

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