Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

With so many Things To See and Do Around Lake Tahoe, it can be hard to choose the best of the best. Lake Tahoe offers something for everyone; however, the most popular draws to the area are its wealth of natural wonders and historical sites. If your time in Lake Tahoe is limited, you’ll definitely want to take in at least the top five Lake Tahoe sightseeing hot spots – they’re popular for a reason!

Emerald Bay State Park

Emerald Bay is one of the most beautiful Lake Tahoe sightseeing places. With pristine cobalt waters, awe-inspiring sunrises, deep pine forests, and expansive views, Emerald Bay State Park is a must-see. Within the park, you will find Eagle Falls Trail, panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and Cascade Lake, the beautiful Rubicon Trail and more. Designated a National Natural Landmark in 1969, Emerald Bay State Park also offers camping and wreck diving.


Located within Emerald Bay State Park is Vikingsholm, a 38-room mansion that is hailed as the finest example of Scandinavian architecture in the northern hemisphere. Constructed in 1929 by 200 workers, much of the mansion was erected without the use nails or spikes, the result of utilizing old-fashioned construction methods. Most of the building materials came from the immediate Lake Tahoe area. This is a must see when you are out sightseeing in Lake Tahoe CA.

Taylor Creek Visitor Center

Located on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, the Taylor Creek Visitor Center allows both children and adults an up-close experience with the local flora and fauna. Paved trails and bridges weave across marshlands, and an underground window into the stream gives visitors a fascinating glimpse below the surface of Taylor Creek at this Lake Tahoe sightseeing hot spot.

Donner Memorial State Park

The 3,293-acre Donner Memorial State Park preserves an integral part of California and U.S. history: the original Donner Party camp. The ill-fated Donner Party was a group of American pioneers who set out by wagon train for California in 1846 and became snowbound in the Sierra-Nevada. Of the 87 party members, only 48 survived their 4-month ordeal, many of them having to resort to cannibalism. Within the Park you will find the Pioneer Monument, the Emigrant Trail Museum, and the Donner Memorial State Park Visitor Center, which features exhibits about the area’s Native American history, the Donner Party, and the First Transcontinental Railroad. This is a fascinating stop while you are sightseeing in Lake Tahoe CA.

Tallac Historic Site

Featuring three 19th century homes – the Baldwin Estate, Valhalla, and the Pope Estate, the Tallac Historic Site is a fascinating interactive museum that offers visitors a taste of Lake Tahoe life during the late 1800s. Explore this Lake Tahoe sightseeing hot spot’s beautiful gardens, museum room and vintage clothing exhibit; watch a blacksmith crafting his wares and learn about the Native Americans who inhabited Lake Tahoe prior to the arrival of Euro-Americans. The site also offers a number of other interactive programs including storytelling sessions and walking tours.

Did All of That Lake Tahoe Sightseeing Wear You Out?

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