Truckee places to eat

A Comfy Stay in Truckee

After you eat a large meal, you can’t wait to get into the comfy pants you packed just for this trip to Truckee, so come home to the comfort of our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation rentals in Truckee and get comfortable. Visit our listing pages and secure yourself the ideal vacation rental where you can walk to check out the top 5 local only places to eat in Truckee.

Have you ever been packing for a vacation to a new place and actually stopped in the middle of folding your socks and thought to yourself, “I hope they have good pizza there…” Vacations are about seeing someplace new and checking famous destinations off your bucket list, but if you really stop and think about it, you realize they are also about food! Travelers cannot wait to try out a taste of the town they are visiting. In Truckee, you can eat your way through the alphabet when you explore the culinary options our Lake Tahoe town has to offer! This guide to the Top 5 local places to eat in Truckee will ensure that you will be able to feed your soul as you fill your empty bellies!

Jax at the Tracks, 10144 W River Street

Our mamas always taught us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when you start your day out at Jax at the Tracks, following that nugget of advice is no problem whatsoever! Open every day of the week and serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Jax is famous for their beignets, loved for their Chicken & Waffles Stack, and simply adored for their All Day Addiction. The latter dish is a hearty one, created with eggs, hash browns, Canadian bacon, avocado, mixed greens, chilled oven roasted tomatoes, balsamic drizzle, and basil pesto; order it Lizzy style, and they will add sautéed mushrooms and goat cheese, and you will be one happy diner! Just as you might expect, the All Day Addiction is the one breakfast dish you will find on the menu all day long. How convenient is that? Definitely one of the Top 5 local places to eat in Truckee!
Jax at the Tracks at 10144 W River Street

Squeeze In, 10060 Donner Pass Rd B

You love omelettes, pancakes, eggs and bacon, burgers, bennys, BLTs? Check. You love an outrageous guarantee? Check! You will love Squeeze In because they guarantee that if you don’t love their food, it’s free! Breakfast, brunch, lunch and more, you will find anything and everything you need at Squeeze In. They even have a happening children’s menu. Check the hours though, they are only open for a short period of time. Hope you can squeeze in and experience some of their amazing food!
Squeeze In at 10060 Donner Pass Rd B

Moody’s Bistro Bar & Beats, 10007 Bridge Street

 The all-American foods served at our number three option, Moody’s Bistro Bar & Beats, may surprise you, as bistro food tends to be French in origin, but you will never want to go back to the “old ways” after eating your way through this delicious menu! Open every day for lunch and dinner, they do close from 3 to 5 to regroup from the lunch crowd and prepare for the dinner one. Offering pizzas, pastas, and classic American favorites that include pork chops, chicken, and Maine Day Boat Scallops, we can honestly say you will not find even a so-so meal here! Try the truffled deviled eggs, pick the Peach BBQ Chicken Pizza, and devour the Durham Ranch Hangar Steak Frites and discover your newest obsession. Also offering an extensive beer, wine, and cocktails menu, it is impossible to leave Moody’s without a smile on your face. Saturday nights are super busy, so be sure to make reservations if you don’t want to forever for a table!
Moody’s Bistro Bar & Beats at 10007 Bridge Street

Trokay, 10046 Donner Pass Road

After much internal and external debate, we have decided to place Trokay in the number two position on our list of top local Truckee places to eat, simply because our number one choice has been such a tradition to Truckee restaurants, not because we liked it less! Offering the perfect meal for a romantic date night, this modern hot spot features a menu that changes seasonally and includes innovative dishes that sound familiar and taste delicious! The summer chef’s tasting menu is made with locally sourced ingredients that include dishes entitled a Walk through the Garden (squash blossom and basil) and Bryan and Katie Flannery’s 28-Day Dry Aged NY Strip. Trokay is a bit more expensive than the other restaurants listed, but it is definitely worth the extra cost!
Trokay at 10046 Donner Pass Road

Cottonwood Restaurant & Bar, 10142 Rue Hilltop Road

The Cottonwood Restaurant & Bar has been Truckee’s longest tradition, even before it became a restaurant! Built inside what was once one of the country’s oldest ski lodges, Cottonwood pays homage to the buildings beginnings with a ski-themed décor. Featuring a patio that looks over the mountain, one of the popular, local places to eat in Truckee during the warmer days, and a rustic ski lodge interior, the menu is hearty and inventive. Braised short rib chili, ribeye steaks, and sauteed salmon are just a few of the delicious menu items you will find here, leaving you full and happy at the end of the meal!
Cottonwood Restaurant & Bar at 10142 Rue Hilltop Road