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Brunch always seems like such a special affair. For instance, there are champagne brunches where classic music is played, and one sips their drink from fancy flutes. However, despite this, you might be surprised to discover that quite a few restaurants serve special brunch menus just to toss things up and allow you to do something a bit out of the ordinary with your day. Plus, even if they don’t, what’s stopping you from going out and having eggs at 11 AM? So, if you are a brunch lover, or just looking for some ideas of where to stop while visiting, then join us as we discuss our picks for the top 5 Truckee brunch restaurants!

Jax at the Tracks

Our first stop on our brunch journey has an interesting claim to fame, having been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Jax at the Tracks is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a simple brunch filled with all your favorites. You’ll find everything from stacks of fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with all sorts of goodies to the sweet complexities of Belgium waffles and even the odd mix of sweet and savory chicken and waffles. However, you’ll find a host of other options for those looking for something a bit more savory, such as their perfectly cooked Southern fried steak and eggs. You also might like their breakfast burrito that is bulging with a variety of different stuffings, or maybe you’ll fall in love with their flaky biscuits covered in country gravy. No matter what it is that you’re craving for your brunch, you are sure to find it here at Jax at the Tracks!

Wagon Train Coffee Shop

Next on our brunch journey we will go to the family-owned and operated Wagon Train Coffee Shop which not only hosts a welcoming atmosphere but also good old-fashioned comfort that we all love and crave. You’ll find such classics as flakey biscuits smothered in traditional country gravy, breakfast bagel sandwiches piled high with eggs, ham, and more, as well as the classic chicken fried steak and eggs which is sure to satisfy any hungry traveler. Further, you’ll find that you won’t be leaving hungry after wolfing down one of their generous helpings of breakfast favorites. Be sure to enjoy your toast with their fresh homemade jam! So, if you are looking for that good old school diner with all the dishes you’ve come to love, make sure you stop by Wagon Train Coffee Shop.

Cottonwood Restaurant and Bar

Continuing on we will go to one of the amazing restaurants near Truckee, CA, located in one of the oldest ski lodges in the nation, Cottonwood Restaurant and Bar. Not only do they offer takeout and outdoor dining, perfect for a lazy summer morning enjoying good food under the sun, but should you happen to want to come back, they have live music playing every Thursday and Friday evenings. Enjoy a variety of drinks, including wine and cocktails which can be made to go, ranging from your good old coffee to juices, Bloody Marys, mimosas, and more! Enjoy their brunch that hosts a wide selection of different entrees for you to enjoy. You’ll find delicious and sweet stuffed French toast, eggs benedict, and even mac and cheese gnocchi. However, you might like to try their Tahoe Mountain Hash, which comes with red wine braised short ribs, sweet potatoes, sauteed dino kale, poached eggs, and truffle hollandaise. So, grab a Bloody Mary, enjoy the sun, and dig into a wonderful brunch at the Cottonwood Restaurant and Bar.

Donner Lake Kitchen

Our next stop has us going to the locally loved and family-owned Donner Lake Kitchen, which hosts both breakfast and lunch options for you to choose from. You’ll find your classics such as pancakes and French toast, both cooked to perfection and all one could wish for in a s weet morning treat. However, you might just prefer one of their omelets ranging from those filled with avocado and mushroom, to broccoli and tomato, bell pepper and green onion, and even ones stuffed with carrots, mushroom, and almonds! One might also like their breakfast sandwiches which come in a variety of styles. However, your eye might be caught by their giant helping of homestyle fries complete with potatoes, jack and cheddar cheese, sauteed zucchini, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers, making this a sure-fire way to sooth any hungry stomach. So, come and enjoy the fun homey and welcoming atmosphere at Donner Lake Kitchen and have a brunch you aren’t soon to forget!

Squeeze It

Our final stop has us at what is actually a small local chain. Typically, we refrain from mentioning chains, but Squeeze It has made quite the impression on the few towns that can lay claim to one, and furthermore has grown rapidly in recent years, and for good reason! However, the real claim to fame, and a large reason for its spot here at number one, is they can lay claim to being featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the old Food Network. So, it really comes as no surprise to find out they have some of the best breakfast and brunch around!

Specializing in omelets, you will find a wide selection of specialty creations to appease your palate. For instance, there is the Racy Tracy (the star of the mentioned episode) which comes with sautéed mushrooms, Applewood smoked bacon, and Monterey jack cheese, completed with a few slices of avocado. However, for those who might not love omelets as much as them, you are sure to enjoy one of the other varies meals they have available. For instance, you’ll find your typical country favorites such as biscuits and gravy, French toast, and eggs benedict. Make sure you come hungry, as they are known to be quite generous with their portion sizes. If you find yourself on a special diet, fear not, for they can cater to a wide range of different dietary restrictions, ensuring that everyone in your group will find something they love and is perfect for them. So, why not grab a famous omelet, sit with some good company, and enjoy a brunch at Squeeze It!

Visit These Amazing Truckee Brunch Restaurants on Your Vacation

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