breweries in Truckee CA

California is well known for its abundance of great breweries, to the point where, if you’re visiting just about any city or town, there’s almost certainly at least one brewery available for your sampling. Plenty of these breweries also have their own unique concepts and themes for you to enjoy, but the core of the experience is always the quality of the beer. With that in mind, here are five of the best breweries open for business in Truckee.

Donner Creek Brewing Company

Labeled as a pico brewery, meaning that it’s even smaller than a nano brewery, Donner Creek Brewing has a relaxed, local vibe and friendly atmosphere. Though their selection is often small, it doesn’t lack for quality, and the owner is sometimes around to meet and converse with customers. With both indoor and pet friendly outdoor seating, relax in an environment of your choice and listen to the live music.

Though they may only have a few of their own brews on tap at any given moment, they also make sure to bring in some local favorites along with plenty of canned and bottled offerings, so you’re sure to find something to your liking. In addition to their drink selection, Donner Creek also offers a variety of paninis to enjoy while you drink.

Truckee Brewing Company

Open since 2018, Truckee brewing has an open warehouse concept. You’re welcome to come in and enjoy a few beers and have a look at their equipment. Expect a friendly, casual atmosphere while you sample one of the many brews available on tap.

Speaking of their tap selection, Truckee Brewing offers a smattering of styles with no shortage of IPAs. Between traditional west coast styles, New England IPAs, and imperials, any IPA lover is sure to find at least one beer to suit their tastes. Of course, they aren’t limited exclusively to IPAs, offering up raspberry and mango Sours in addition to more malt forward styles like Red Ales and Porters. This is definitely one of the best Truckee California breweries!

The Good Wolf

Located within Tahoe National Forest, The Good Wolf is a must-see destination for anybody looking to try some truly inspired craft beers. Their taproom is cozy and inspired, combining a cozy, wooden atmosphere and fireplace with plenty of plant life to color things up. Please note that the taproom is closed on Mondays but stop by any other day of the week to lounge by the fireplace while you have a few.

Expect to sample some drinks that challenge the palette here, because in addition to some of the expected styles like IPAs, The Good Wolf offers up both a Juniper Smoked Ale and a Foraged Mushroom Ale, both of which are absolute must-tries if you stop by to visit. If those styles aren’t to your liking, try out their Needle & Resin Black Lager or the Forbidden Temple Cherry Pie Sour.

Alibi Ale Works

Established in 2014, Alibi Ale Works offers a selection of beers that are all gluten reduced. Their location in Truckee has both indoor seating and a dog friendly outdoor beer garden, complete with plenty of shaded tables for those who don’t feel like sitting out in the sun. This downtown Truckee location is a great spot to enjoy some fresh air and catch some live music while you have a few drinks and a good meal from their kitchen.

They have a Pale Ale, IPA, Kolsch, Hazy IPA, and Porter to make up their core selection, so you can expect to find those any time of the year. While you’re visiting, though, don’t miss out on their limited brews and barrel aged offerings to maximize your experience.

Their food menu rotates seasonally but offers up plenty of brewpub mainstays. Plenty of snack friendly foods are available alongside soups, sandwiches, and salads. Be sure to check online before you visit to see if their current seasonal offerings are to your liking.

5050 Brewing

With a cozy, classic bar interior, 5050 Brewing’s Truckee pub is a great spot to sit inside and catch the game, or lounge outside by the firepit and enjoy your drinks at your own pace. They pride themselves on their variety, which extends to both their beer selection and food menu, having a little something for just about everyone.

Enjoy a wide variety of beers both refreshing and hearty, as 5050’s core selection is home to bright, juicy IPAs, easy drinking Pilsners, and rich Porters and Stouts. Not only do their beers have the variety in flavors, but there’s plenty of variety in ABV as well, letting you take it easy with a few Blonde Ales or Pilsners, or going all in on a robust Imperial Stout.

5050 has a great food menu that’s loaded with variety. All kinds of different fish, meats, salads, and comfort foods are available here, making it an ideal spot to spend a few hours and enjoy the afternoon or evening.


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