Enjoy a fun vacation when you experience Halloween in Lake Tahoe

As the leaves begin to change color and then drop from the trees and the days become shorter and cooler, we all begin to feel the hum of excitement that vibrates through the air. Halloween is coming, and while a good portion of the world calls themselves Christmas enthusiasts, there isn’t a soul that can contain their excitement over the season of pumpkins, costumes, and candy! This year Halloween falls on a Sunday, which means there is a good chance you and your family could find yourselves traveling at the time, and if your travels bring you to the North Lake Tahoe region, you won’t have to worry about missing out on any holiday fun! We at Tahoe Signature Properties love Halloween as much as the next person, and when you choose us for your accommodations you don’t just receive comfort, style, and luxury. You also receive a small bonus in the form of this guide to all the fun and spooky things you can do at Halloween in our favorite place on earth!

Halloween Parade, October 29 at 6 PM, Truckee Railroad Museum in Truckee

Everyone loves a parade, and the charm of a small-town parade always retains a small place in the corner of our hearts, especially when that small town parade takes place in Truckee. Offering trick or treating for the children of your traveling group and a chance for those same wee travelers to become a part of the parade, this fun family style event brings the fun back to spookiest holiday of the year! Fire trucks add excitement to the parade and at its end, participants will get to enjoy a small party at the Community Arts Center with books, toys, and of course, more candy to be offered to all!

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Frighteningly Fantastic Films This Halloween in Tahoe

October has always been the traditional month for horror movie watching and the new batch of films set to come out this month are exceptionally scary and can be watched at local theaters! Get goosebumps over witches shenanigans while watching Witch Hunt at the Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema in Tahoe City or keep the frights to a minimum while watching the Addams Family with your kids at the Village Cinemas in Truckee. For those hardcore horror film fans, enjoy the comforts of your Tahoe Signature Properties holiday hideaway as you watch a horror movie marathon on state-of-the-art televisions! Pop some popcorn, make up a batch of witch’s brew cocktails and lose yourself in the gore and gruesomeness on the screen comfortably ensconced on plush sofas in front of roaring fires!

Downtown Tahoe City Trick or Treat, October 31 3-5 PM, Tahoe City Downtown Association

No matter how you look at it, Halloween is about the candy and sweet treats we love to devour and your children will be much relieved to learn that just because they are traveling, it doesn’t mean they have to skip their favorite part of the holiday! Downtown Tahoe City sponsors a trick or treat event that is safe, fun, and perfect for people who really don’t know the area well! Dress up your sweet children in their favorite costumes, spooky, sweet, or Princess-y and head to Heritage Plaza for a couple of hours of holiday excitement and if you happen to find a few treasures for yourself in the stores that are located here, be happy that this year you got the treat and tricks were saved for another time!

Dress Up and Dine Out

The best thing about Halloween is knowing that no matter how weird you may look and no matter where you go, the proprietors will just shake it off; it is Halloween and even if you don’t want to party like a rock star, you can enjoy a great evening out on the town dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein or Freddy Krueger and no one will judge you! Start the holiday out with a brunch at Cottonwoods in Truckee, enjoying Bloody Marys and Eggs Benedict Arnold as Halloween falls on a Sunday this year or if you prefer to do your celebrating early, a visit Fat Cat Café in Tahoe City for a night of burgers, beers, and quite possibly, banshees on October 30, partying until the holiday arrives!

Stay Home with Tahoe Signature Properties

Halloween night doesn’t have to be spent outside, especially if you aren’t traveling with children, so stay in and enjoy all the comforts of home with us! Make a batch of popcorn balls in our fully equipped kitchens, check out if “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is airing on Netflix, or sit out on the deck reveling in the cool night air that feels especially wonderful after a long summer of scorching heat with Halloween in Lake Tahoe. Reserve your seasonal sanctuary today!

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