A vacation in Lake Tahoe usually means the outdoors, skiing, and snowboarding among other attractions. And that is normal and to be expected, until you start packing for your vacation and then face the ultimate decision: whether to take your skiing and snowboarding gear with you or leave it behind? It’s not an easy decision. If you carry them, you risk damaging them, not to mention the inconvenience of lugging them around during the journey. That’s where Tahoe Powder House comes in. They have the latest brands and styles in skiing and snowboarding equipment. No need to carry your heavy equipment around at airports and pay extra baggage fees—not when you have a local center at your destination that offers everything from equipment tuning to custom ski and snowboard boot fitting.


Ski and Board Delivery

Tahoe Powder House not only carries the best brands and the finest gear, they also deliver it right to your doorstep. You can always rent the equipment online through their website and have it delivered to your vacation rental at the time that suits you. You get to choose from a wide selection of equipment, and their knowledgeable staff will help you pick the right ones for you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier and snowboarder, you can always benefit from their tips and great knowledge.


First-Rate Service

There are many factors that set Tahoe Powder House apart from the competition. For one thing, they’re locally-owned and -operated, with over eight outlets in the area. This means both convenience and experience. Among the Tahoe locals, they’ve been voted the best ski rental in the area. And besides the many outlets, their online booking system is fairly easy to use. The center also offers promotions and discounts. If you rent skis or boards, you get the 4th day for free! But it’s not just equipment; the center has a wide range of winter ski accessories and clothing for the whole family. You can reach them by email or by phone at (800) 619-7470.


Why Local Expertise Matters When Booking Your Vacation Rental

At Tahoe Signature Properties, we pride ourselves on the fact that our business is locally-owned and managed. We know the area by heart, and we use both this knowledge and experience to your advantage. We know how to match you with the perfect vacation home. Our experienced staff will also help you find the best attractions to ensure you have a great vacation while you stay with us. Call us today to learn more about our great offers.