In our humble opinion, the most important part of vacation planning revolves around the vacation home you choose to make your own during your stay. We have spent too many nights of our lives crammed into sterile hotel rooms that offer questionable sanitary practices, and when we vacation, we not only want the best, but we also DESERVE the best! If you follow that line of thinking and your vacation journey is bringing you to our favorite place on earth, our Truckee Boulders Vacation Getaway property promises to be the ONLY choice for you! Offering two comfortable and serene bedrooms, two spacious and updated baths, and a quiet den that offers room for two more people, this Truckee Mountain vacation rental is destined to be a shining highlight in your vacation escape to the most beautiful spot in the nation!

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Come on In!

As the door swings open, revealing the first clues as to the comforts of the space, no one will blame you for dropping your luggage at the entryway in your hurry to discover more! Creamy white walls, high ceilings, and a fireplace in the living room invite you to come on in and get comfortable—there is a lot to see and do in our Truckee Boulders getaway! A comfy leather sofa set is softened by the addition of warm and colorful throws, tossed casually on the back of each piece. In the winter months, you will be thankful for their warmth, even with a crackling fire, and in the warmer months their presence will be appreciated for the style they add to the room. The state-of-the-art television propped on the mantel of the fireplace can actually be watched from anywhere in the open concept public spaces, so enjoy the news while devouring dinner or watch your favorite game show as you toss all the ingredients for your favorite cocktail in the blender in the kitchen.

The dining room is centrally located behind the living space and in front of the kitchen and promises to be the focal point of all that is fun when you choose to stay inside and relax. Play a game of Candyland with your toddler, scroll through your social network sights as you sip a cool chardonnay, or work together as a family to plan Tahoe adventures you won’t ever forget in the comfort of the wood chairs that surround the table. The kitchen—fully equipped and containing updated appliances, granite countertops, and a breakfast bar that is perfect for snacks, conversations, or overflow seating at dinner—offers a cheerful ambience that helps bring the joy back to your cooking experiences.

A wood deck with padded lodge pole style seating is where you can sit and watch the sun set on another glorious day in Tahoe, and the bedrooms are constructed to ensure that you, our treasured guests, receive the best night’s sleep of your life! Premium mattresses, soft linens, and a décor that reflects the beauty of Mother Nature make these rooms feel like a retreat in a luxury hotel, guaranteeing that every morning you will awaken feeling refreshed and ready for a new day of exciting Tahoe activities.

Be a Part of the Community

Not all our Tahoe Signature Properties sanctuaries offer community amenities but our Truckee Boulders getaway is made even more special by that wonderful amenity! Offering a pool, hot tub, fitness center, and a variety of sports courts that include bocce ball, volleyball, and horseshoes, we can promise that every minute of your stay with us will be the best ones in your life! Family walks around the community will give guests more bonding time with their families, something that is not easy to accomplish during the busy days of real life and because this particular property is located in the heart of Truckee, fun adventures are never far away! Hike along the trails that traverse the landscape of Truckee or sneak into town for ice cream at Little Truckee Creamery in the summer months. Wintertime is, of course, the time for strapping on a pair of skis and heading to the slopes and this charming property is located rather close to the family style fun you can find at the Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Resort! Everything you have dreamed of doing during your family escape to Tahoe can be accomplished with very little travel time when you choose our Truckee Boulders getaway for your vacation accommodations!

What Are You Waiting For?

Life flies by way too fast, and you work too hard not to take a vacation to Tahoe and a stay in our Tahoe Signature Properties vacation escapes! Reserve this special property today and fall in love with the simple pleasures found here while being spoiled by the luxe comforts found inside all of our properties.

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Stop the Complain Game

Complain less and find more inner peace by Sarah Starr

Is it possible to break the old patterns of complaining? How do you stop the “complain game” of whose disease, body, or ailment is the worst?

Complaining about your health can be an addiction, because usually there’s a pay off. When you complain, you usually get attention or sympathy, or it serves to get you out of doing something. “I can’t exercise because … ” “My back hurts, I’m too old, I don’t have enough energy, etc. … ”

Raised in a family of six, I subconsciously knew that if I was sick, I would receive undivided attention and also get out of going to school. Therefore I was sick at least six or seven times a month. I began to believe I was the fragile one and eventually ended up hospitalized for diseases that never came to be.

Complaining is also a way of commiserating, but beware when you begin your own litany of complaints. Whatever you put your attention on will get bigger.

The body is a mirror of your thoughts, judgements, and beliefs. Each cell of your body responds to every thought and word you speak. When the complaining begins, instead of joining in or “one-upping them,” simply offer a few words of ease such as, “I know how that feels and I’ve found great relief when I … ” fill in the blank.

For instance, your friend says, “I’d like to exercise, but the only time I have is before work and I’m too tired. I’ll never get in shape.” Instead of joining in, you could reply, “I know how that feels and I’ve found a great breath exercise I use when I get out of bed. It really jump starts my day. Try this … ” If you don’t add to the complaints, they usually stop. What’s the fun if no one wants to join in the game of “who’s worse off”?

Thoughts are energy and, as you focus on the positive, you will begin to attract more people into your life who harmonize with those thoughts. Know that the less time you spend complaining, the less the people around you will complain.

As it’s the nature of humans to sync up with those around them, here are a few tips to start creating more positive interactions in your relationships with others:

1. Be deliberate with your thoughts and let go of judging others. The more we judge, the more we are glued to the same experience.

2. Choose your words wisely; your words create the life you are living. Do a mental house cleaning and release negative self talk; it will only draw more of that.

3. When your own thoughts of complaint surface, forgive yourself and release the need to be perfect. Harboring judgment within will only create more for you to judge, blame, or criticize and are also some of the most damaging emotions to store in the body.

4. If you have a complaint, tell it to the person who can actually help you create something new. If you have cold soup, tell it to the waiter instead of spending an hour at the table whining about your food.

5. You cant make other people change. Ghandi said it well, “We must live what we want others to learn.” If you want others to change, you must set the example.

Good luck.

Since 2001, Sarah Starr, host of internationally syndicated Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr, has conducted classes such as Power of Now and Breathing Peace with thousands of people in national workshops and conferences. Sarah encourages her students to relax, breathe, and smile as they become the watchers of their thoughts, worries, and distracting mind dialogue. If youre not having fun, youre not BEing Yoga. Follow Sarah on Facebook and Twitter.

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