Tahoe summer activities

When there’s no chance to check the calendar, a family man or woman can judge how close summer is by the degree of excitement building in their children; the homework levels start growing, the children’s ability to get out of bed unprompted lowers, and it’s almost possible to see the buzzing in their young brains! Summer is almost here, and with that comes the annual family vacation. Are you ready? Because active parenting necessitates impressive organizational skills, chances are you’ve already started planning your Tahoe summer getaway, and this guide to Tahoe summer activities that will keep the entire family entertained and happy will ensure this year’s family vacay is memorable in all the right ways!

Sidewalk Saturdays in Tahoe City

Downtown is the place to be on Saturdays from May through September, and Sidewalk Saturdays are the best reason why! Offering special sales on merchandise, special menu items at restaurants, and live music you won’t be able to keep from tapping your toes to, Saturdays hold the essence of summer during your getaway to Tahoe City! This one of the best Tahoe summer activities for the whole family.

Every Day is a Lake Day

When visiting a place called Lake Tahoe, you had to expect that at least some of your moments would be filled with water activities, and have we got a list for you! Stake your claim on your corner of Commons Beach with umbrellas, chairs, and a colorful beach blanket and plan on spending at least one day playing in the water. Renting a boat from Rent a Boat Lake Tahoe in Tahoe Vista expands your water activities to include waterskiing, deep water fishing, and of course, private time away from the masses on the beaches, but if you don’t have the inclination, spending the day on shore with the kids is equally exciting and fun! Spending time on the lake is one of the most favorite Tahoe summer activities.

The Sounds of Summer

Live outdoor concerts are one of our favorite parts of summer, and if your children haven’t experienced the chill thrill of dancing on the grass as the musical notes fade away into the nights, your Tahoe trip is the perfect time to introduce them to this life-altering experience! Pretty much anywhere you go in town offers live music, but our favorite venue is Commons Beach’s 12-week Summer Sunday Concert Series. Costing nothing and featuring musical genres that range from bluegrass to funk to classic and alternative rock, this experience will open your children’s eyes to a world of music that involves more than any Baby Shark song ever will!

Tahoe Summer Activities Continue with Tahoe Signature Properties

Lazy mornings sleeping in late, quiet moments watching the sunset over the lake, and even more moments spent in laughter and happy harmony with your people are what you can expect from your summer vacation spent in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties homes. Reserve yours today!