Activities to Enjoy in North Lake Tahoe

As we prepare to tear another page off the calendar, you may notice that you have finally reached the end of winter’s tyranny. Spring has sprung, and while there may still be the occasional snowstorm in certain parts of the country, we know it won’t last forever and give thanks that the end is near. As you start your seasonal celebration, you may be feeling the need to travel, and if your journey brings you to North Lake Tahoe, we’ve created this guide to activities to enjoy in North Lake Tahoe so you can enjoy during your stay with Tahoe Signature Properties! Offering fun, excitement, and a feeling of peace and tranquility after a long harsh winter, our properties will be the sanctuary you never knew you needed!

Winter Wondergrass

As we prepare for the end of winter, Squaw Valley revs up the celebration of spring with this fantastic Bluegrass festival! Held March 27 through 29th, there may still be snow on the ground and a cold chill in the air, but it’s impossible to not feel warm and happy when you are standing in a crowd of music lovers, dancing to the tunes being played by bands you’ve known forever and those to whom you are about to be introduced. This homegrown music festival has been a Squaw Valley staple for seven years now, and with a lineup of over 30 acts, all the beer you could possibly drink, and of course food and companionship, it’s one you will kick yourself for missing!

Look to the Stars

It may feel as if we are closer to the heavens up here in North Lake Tahoe, and while we can’t guarantee that, we can promise that the stars will appear as if they are just out of reach. Standing on tiptoe, you could almost grab one and bring it close to your heart—or at least that is how it appears! In any case, the sky is incredibly clear, so grab a lawn chair, a blanket, (it can still get cold at night in the spring) and your binoculars and spend a night with the stars!

Picnic in the Park

Nothing signals the beginning of spring more than a quiet picnic in the park. Enjoying your favorite sandwich under newly budded trees as colorful flowers poke their way through the dark soil, feeling the softness of the air on your cheeks, and the warmth of the sun on your shoulders is an experience that makes you love the season even more. There are quite a few places throughout North Lake Tahoe that offer picnic tables and views of the lake, including North Tahoe Beach in Tahoe Vista, Kings Beach State Recreation Area in King Beach, and one of our favorite places, Commons Beach in Tahoe City. In the summer this is a popular swimming area, crowded at times with tourists and local residents, but in the spring, it is absolutely perfect. Offering shade, picnic tables, and playground for your littlest travelers, the public bathrooms are clean and leashed dogs are allowed on the beaches. How can you not be happy when puppies are around?

Sunshine and Hikes

On sunny days, a hike on the trails of the Donner Memorial State Park will give you the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature on an up close and personal basis. Colorful wildflowers bring touches of color during a time that patches of snow may still be visible in areas; be sure to keep your cell phone or camera handy as the dichotomy of the scene will have you wanting to stop and take frequent pictures. Pack a lunch in your backpack to be enjoyed in the fresh air; just remember to carry everything out that you brought in. Our pristine countryside is something we are proud of and we work hard to keep it that way for future generations!

Gray Skies? No Problem!

Spring is known for being a mercurial season, warm and sunny at one moment, rainy and gray in another, and cold and snowing in still other moments, but when you stay in one of our Tahoe Signature Properties spring sanctuaries, you won’t mind the occasional inclement weather at all! Build a fire in the fireplace and spend an afternoon playing charades in the living areas or take the time to bake some cookies in the fully equipped kitchens to be enjoyed throughout your stay. The hot tubs that can be found on the decks of some of our properties will keep you warm as the weather changes around you (we don’t advise using them during thunderstorms, of course!) giving you a bird’s eye view of the mountains standing guard around the valley and the lake nestled at their base.

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You’ll never look at spring in quite the same way once you’ve spent your first with us; we look forward to seeing you soon!