Enjoy fireworks and more this New Year's in North Lake Tahoe

It may be hard to believe, but not only have the holidays arrived, now is the time to start planning your New Year’s Eve activities! In past years you may have decided to stay home, but haven’t you had enough of staring at the same four walls over the past 12 months? Between quarantines, telecommuting, and food delivery options, most of us have rarely left the house in 2020, and if you’re ready to get out and play, North Lake Tahoe has some wonderful ways to say so long to 2020 and hello to a very happy 2021! This guide to the fun you can have during your New Year’s getaway to Tahoe ensures that every minute of every day will be fun, exciting, and best of all, offer something different from you normally experience at home!

Hike Through the Snow

Even when it is cold and snowy, North Lake Tahoe is one of our favorite places on earth, and after a year of uncertainty and turmoil, just getting out and breathing in all that fresh clean air is a good way of ensuring that 2021 will be better than 2020! The Spooner Lake Loop, Eagle Rock, and Donner Summit Train Tunnels all offer hikes that will make you thankful you chose North Lake Tahoe for your New Year’s adventure.

Culinary Adventures

Eating out is a changem and if you are looking for something special, Drunken Monkey Sushi located at 11253 Brockway Road Suite #105 in Truckee may be just what you’re looking for! Toast the new year with your favorite crunchy tuna rolls and invite your family to give up their unimaginative food choices of the previous year! Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of good flavor, it’s a toss up as to what we love more; their classic sushi dishes or the new ones they invent!

Cheers to the New Year

With the advent of the pandemic, the nightlife in North Lake Tahoe has changed, but if you’re looking for an evening of cold beverages, warm friendships, and a few games of pool, the Tourist Club Bar (also known as the T-Club) at 10110 Donner Pass Road in Truckee has exactly what you need! It is not fancy, but it’s laidback vibe and friendly staff gives the T-Club such a great feel, it really is a wonderful place to from which to greet the New Year’s in North Lake Tahoe, especially since it’s one of the few places that has maintained its 2 AM closing time during the current crisis.

Explore the Luxuries of Our Tahoe Signature Properties Seasonal Sanctuaries

Many of our guests prefer to stay in on the last night of the year, and our New Year’s in North Lake Tahoe nests offer plenty to explore during your night in. Throw together your favorite traditional meal for luck in our fully equipped kitchens and keep the champagne chilled. A little pre-planning with a stop in Geared for Games (760 N Lake Boulevard # 2 in Tahoe City) will give you a night of old school family fun that bodes well for the next 12 months of your life! Family jammies (also ordered ahead of time!) are not just comfy pieces of clothing; they set the tone for your family new year’s celebration. Gather round the roaring fire for a picture that will elicit fond memories ever time you catch sight of it hanging in your office for years to come. And while we cannot promise any organized fireworks displays, we can say that in past years plenty of local residents have taken it upon themselves to put on their own smaller scale shows, and it is entirely possible you will be able to sit outside and enjoy them!

If this is an intimate getaway with just you and the one you love, turn on some music and dance cheek to cheek as the final minutes of 2020 dwindle; these are the times that help build up a relationship after a tough and troubling span of time. The quiet luxuries of our vacation escapes create a safe spot which makes it easy to share conversations, secrets, and your dreams for the future. As the moments tick away, it will soon be time to watch the ball drop on state of the art televisions in our cozy and comfortable living areas. With a fire in the fireplace and a smile of anticipation on your face, the final countdown begins and at last, 2021 will have arrived!

Happy New Year to You and Yours

You, of course, have your own picture in your head as to what the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration looks like, but our Tahoe Signature Properties luxury spaces will be an integral part of your night. Reserve yours today!