panorama view of lake tahoe at dusk

You are visiting beautiful, northern California and you want to do some hiking. There are so many different trails that picking one can be a little overwhelming. But the one hike you can’t miss is the Skyline Trail Tahoe, which offers views of both the Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe.

Getting to the Skyline Trail Tahoe

At the shops in Heavenly Village lives the Heavenly Ski Resort Gondola, which transports hikers to the head of the Skyline trail, as well as many other trails. The Gondola takes you on a 2.4-mile ride where you will be able to see all of Lake Tahoe. This ride even lets you make a stop along the way to take pictures at the observation deck and buy coffee and souvenirs at Heavenly’s gift shop. Make sure you don’t miss this on your way up, because the gondola does not stop on the way down.

Tickets are available to be purchased on their website.

If that seems pricey, bear in mind that the price includes a ride on the Tamarac Express chair lift, which gives you an even better view of Lake Tahoe and the terrain in the area and gets you to the heads of several trails, including the Skyline Trail.

The Trail

Once you reach the top you will be ready to begin your hike. Although it is at a high elevation, the trail itself is only about two miles long and not very strenuous. The tree-lined trail gives hikers a panoramic view of Big Bear, Carson Valley, and Lake Tahoe. The trail is used for skiing in the winter and is wide enough that even timid hikers will feel secure.


Given the popularity of the Heavenly Resort, you are unlikely to see any bears. However, you may see the occasional yellow-bellied marmot. These adorable creatures resemble groundhogs and they are not at all timid around humans or cameras.

The Skyline Trail is an adventure you won’t want to miss during your stay in Lake Tahoe!