Enjoy a spa trip on your list of Enjoy a movie o your list of romantic activities in Lake Tahoe

What is it about the winter months that makes everyone fall in love? Is it the cold that brings you close together for cuddling? Is it that we spend more time inside feeling cozy? Or is it that one holiday in February that practically demands that you have a partner? Whatever the reason, winter is the season to fall in love and when your love journey brings you to the gorgeous North Lake Tahoe region of the nation, we at Tahoe Signature Properties have compiled this guide to some of the most romantic activities in Lake Tahoe you can participate in during your stay! Offering the opportunity to strengthen new bonds, tighten old bonds, and just draw you and your favorite person closer together, every moment of your stay promises to be ones you will never forget!

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Lighthouse Spa, 850 N Lake Boulevard #20A in Tahoe City

The joy of a massage is doubled when you participate in a couple’s massage at the Lighthouse Spa. Offering a quiet concentration on the spots that you didn’t know hurt, sharing this experience with the one you love will make the experience even better and the add-on services, some costing as little as $10 more ensure you will walk out of the spa feeling like two new people who are still madly in love!

Date Night the Old School Way

Remember how much fun you had going out on a date with the boy or girl of your daydreams back in the day? You may not have spent a lot of money, but every minute was filled with fun and anticipation and your Lake Tahoe getaway is the perfect time to try and replicate those dates! Share a pizza and wine at Whitecaps Pizza in Kings Beach (there are some benefits to being an adult on a teen-style date!) watch the latest Spider-Man movie at the Village Cinemas in Truckee, and if you get lucky you may be able to steam up the windows of your rental car before heading up to your Tahoe Signature Properties love nest for more of the same. Sometimes it is fun to take a step back to simpler times, but if you think you are ready for the big leagues, keep reading to discover ways to spoil your Valentine!

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Date Nights Designed to Spoil With These Romantic Activities in Lake Tahoe

Start your night with an aromatic bouquet of flowers purchased at Heartwood Floristry & Planetarium (there’s bound to be a vase or pitcher in which to keep the flowers looking sharp somewhere in your North Lake Tahoe escape! After the flowers have been trimmed and placed in water, help your date with her wrap and lead her to the Uber you have ordered especially for tonight, knowing that neither of you wish to be the designated driver on this snowy night in Tahoe. Dinner at Wolfdale’s Cuisine Unique, 640 N Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City promises to offer a dining experience like no other and as you sip your wine (the waiter can help guide you towards the best years) and savor the sophisticated flavors found on its menu, if you time it right, you can watch the sun sink behind the mountains as it lights up the sky in a fiery blaze of color! After dinner, the evening will still be young, and you can continue the good times with activities designed to impress. Head over the California/Nevada state line for a night of gambling, cocktails, and live shows at the Crystal Bay Casino and even though you are surrounded by crowds, you will lose yourself in this night of fun and excitement, the joy of which will be reflected in the sparkle in your sweetheart’s eyes. And when the moon rises high in the sky and your date’s shoes just need to be kicked off, your Uber home will offer quiet conversation and more views of the beauty of Lake Tahoe at night.

Staying In with Tahoe Signature Properties

Of course, not every night has to be spent out on the town; the happiest memories can be made without stepping out the door of your honeymoon hideaway. Order takeout from a nearby restaurant or toss together something delicious and easy in our fully equipped kitchen. Sip wine in front of a roaring fire, exchanging secrets and sharing dreams as the snow falls quietly outside, creating a picture-perfect landscape made even more romantic with the glow of moonlight. Turn on a romantic movie to watch as you slide between the silky soft sheets of our premium mattresses, being sure to have wine, snacks, and something sweet lying within reach. These moments are the ones destined to be remembered with a smile on your face long after you have returned home to real life! Reserve your favorite escape today!

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