Truckee to do

Truckee is a gorgeous place that makes some magical transformations between the seasons, and finding the right one for your visit is a key part of planning your vacation. Not only does the weather change the entire atmosphere of the town, but certain attractions aren’t accessible depending on when you’d like to visit. Of course, you can’t forget the crowds, either, and anyone looking to avoid the crowds might want to figure out the best time to get the peace and quiet they’re after.

When to Visit

Be sure to book in advance for your winter trips if you want to see all of the best skiing in the area. Truckee can fill up pretty fast in anticipation for the snow season, so don’t miss out on your chance to secure the best rentals.

Summer can also get really busy, and you won’t have to worry about the weather potentially cutting off access to some of the more obscure trails and attractions. This is the ideal time for you to research which spots you’d like to visit, but you may have to contend with some bigger crowds.

Either of the other seasons make for a great time to visit if you want to really avoid the big crowds, especially autumn, so plan a visit during one of these times if you’re looking for a quiet vacation to escape the hustle. There are so many things in Truckee to do!


It’s highly recommended that you have your own vehicle when visiting the area, because like many smaller towns, public transport isn’t quite as prolific. Many of the places you might want to visit aren’t necessarily going to be within walking distance, and you might also need to bring along some equipment even if they are, so having access to your own vehicle will make sure you won’t have to worry about missing out on any of the experiences you’re after.

Plenty Things in Truckee To Do

Don’t worry about running out of anything while you’re staying here. Your vacation home will have a kitchen that can keep everyone well fed, and the stores in town will have everything you need to put together a meal or pick up some supplies for a day on the trails.

You should also plan to visit downtown Truckee during your Truckee getaway to see some of the sights while you’re here, and don’t forget to sample some of the wonderful restaurants that have been popping up in the area.

If you’re planning on visiting Truckee for Independence Day, browse our 4th of July rentals here!

Your Truckee Getaway Is Waiting for You

Once you’ve decided when you’re getting into town, we’ll be here to help match you up with the perfect property to match the needs of your group. Our team of agents will use their firsthand knowledge of our portfolio to make sure your vacation is one to remember. Contact us today!