getaway to North Lake Tahoe

Working hard has gotten you to the point you are in life and now you want to do something special for yourself and are considering your options. You could go out for a fancy dinner, but once it’s digested, what will you have to show for the money you’ve spent? You could buy yourself something pretty and shiny, but then you would need someplace to wear it. And finally, a new car is always nice, but you’ve earned something more. Now is the time in your life that you should plan an unforgettable luxury getaway to North Lake Tahoe, and this guide will show you everything you need to do to make it special!

Ice is the Word

Just because we pooh-poohed the idea of buying something pretty at home, doesn’t mean we don’t think you should invest in some retail therapy during your stay in North Lake Tahoe, where shopping is our second pastime—behind winter sports, of course! And if the thought of some shiny new bling makes your heart beat faster, a visit to Bluestone Jewelry and Wine—yes, the owners found a way to make buying something shiny even better by adding wine—is just what the doctor ordered! Specializing in custom jewelry (and wine, we can’t forget the wine!) the ice you find here will bring a warmth to your soul!

Exploring the Artistic Side of North Lake Tahoe

In an area filled with such a stunning natural beauty, it should be no surprise that artists from all over the world flock to our shores, and the art galleries in town are filled with incredible examples of their works! Nowhere is their skill more evident than in the masterpieces offered from the James Harold Galleries. Located at 760 North Lake Tahoe Boulevard in Tahoe City and featuring art work from all genres, we promise you will find a piece or twelve that you just can’t leave Tahoe without!

Feast for the Soul

Nothing is more luxurious than a fine dinner in an elegant setting, and Wolfdale’s Cuisine Unique at 640 North Lake Boulevard has all the ingredients necessary for not just a meal, but a feast for the soul. Believing that a really good meal should be considered a work of art, every meal is served upon pottery designed by local artists, ensuring that your getaway to North Lake Tahoe will be a feast for ALL your senses!

Elegance at Home

Luxury continues at home when you stay in any of our Tahoe Signature Properties rental homes, where we offer million-dollar views, high-end furnishings that are plush and comfortable, and in many cases, hot tubs on the deck perfect for champagne viewings of the sun setting over the lake! Reserve yours today and discover the world of luxury you’ve always known existed, but just didn’t know how to find!